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Bình Hà

Bình Hà


Ho Chi Minh City, 20
  • 89 tips
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San Francisco
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Los Angeles
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New York
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1 Lista creada · 3 Tips
Ho Chi Minh City
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Bình Hà
1 lugares actualizados Febrero 25, 2017
1 lugar incluyendo Gongzheng Street Baozi
Bình Hà
18 lugares actualizados Enero 17, 2017
18 lugares incluyendo Sushi Nakazawa, Dia:Chelsea, Junior's Restaurant, High Line
Bình Hà
2 lugares actualizados Enero 6, 2017
2 lugares incluyendo Museum of Jewish Heritage, The New York Botanical Garden
Bình Hà
3 lugares actualizados Enero 6, 2017
3 lugares incluyendo The Jewish Museum, Brooklyn Museum, The New York Botanical Garden
Bình Hà
1 lugares actualizados Enero 6, 2017
1 lugar incluyendo Colección Frick
Bình Hà
3 lugares actualizados Enero 6, 2017
3 lugares incluyendo New Museum, Museum of Arts & Design (MAD), Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA)
    "Over seasoned everywhere... Too salty in fact. The bun was too dense. Over cooked fried. I don't know... Good thing? They have the well-done but juicy right..."
    Bình HàBình Hà · Julio 6, 2018
    · Ciudad Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    "Staffs have realiable knowledge on tea rituals. They are willing to communicate in English and explain to your questions. I r ecommend the dried tomatoes as a side dish. Spend at least 1h here."
    Bình HàBình Hà · Febrero 28, 2017
    Salón de té
    · Taipei, Taiwán
    "Great quality & well- trained cooks, fair price. I enjoyed the atmosphere, dedicated."
    Bình HàBình Hà · Diciembre 22, 2016
    · Banff, Canadá
    "Free every first Thursday of the month"
    Bình HàBình Hà · Diciembre 1, 2016
    Museo de arte
    · Miami, Estados Unidos
    "Free every Thursday from 2-5pm"
    Bình HàBình Hà · Noviembre 22, 2016
    Museo histórico
    · Houston, Estados Unidos
    "Features work by local artists in the areas of visual arts and contemporary culture. Aims to bring in work that is both intellectually stimulating and relevant, artists w significant impact on viewer"
    Bình HàBình Hà · Noviembre 22, 2016
    Sin categoría
    · Houston, Estados Unidos