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Batzul Gerelsaikhan

Batzul Gerelsaikhan


Ulaanbaatarer | Copenhagener | HongKonger

Central, Central and Western District, Hong Kong
  • 250 tips
  • 158 seguidores
  • 122 siguiendo
  • 23 Listas
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  • Ulan Bator
  • Central
  • Hong Kong
  • New York
  • Tsimshatsui
  • Singapore
  • Ko Samui
  • Tel Aviv
  • Boston
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Las mejores ciudades de Batzul
Ulan Bator
3 Listas creadas · 61 Tips
1 Lista creada · 37 Tips
Hong Kong
2 Listas creadas · 33 Tips
New York
1 Lista creada · 7 Tips
2 Listas creadas · 6 Tips
1 Lista creada · 3 Tips
Ko Samui
1 Lista creada · 3 Tips
Tel Aviv
1 Lista creada · 2 Tips
1 Lista creada · 1 Tip
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Batzul Gerelsaikhan
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Batzul Gerelsaikhan
32 lugares actualizados Febrero 8, 2019
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Batzul Gerelsaikhan
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July 12-17, 2016
Batzul Gerelsaikhan
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Batzul Gerelsaikhan
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Batzul Gerelsaikhan
7 lugares actualizados Octubre 27, 2015
7 lugares incluyendo Ulaanbaatar Museum, Zanabazar Museum, Choijin Lama Temple Museum, Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan
    Tips recientes de Batzul
    "The most disgusting female toilet (between gates 3-4) I have ever been to! Use the plane's toilet. Toilets cannot be flushed and you can smell the pee from far 🙊"
    Batzul GerelsaikhanBatzul Gerelsaikhan · Febrero 9
    · Badung, Indonesia
    "New hotel close to Potatohead. Lovely interior, long amazing pool, great location."
    Batzul GerelsaikhanBatzul Gerelsaikhan · Febrero 8
    Centro turístico
    · Badung, Indonesia
    "Make reservation for the front table in advance. Ge the baked snapper, mushroom and fried rice. The intro bread is amazing. Ask the waiter nixely to get another one. Pumpkin was bad though."
    Batzul GerelsaikhanBatzul Gerelsaikhan · Febrero 6
    · Badung, Indonesia
    "Shortest & most shallow swimming pool. Not a nice service. The waiter kept forcing 4 of us to lay on one, but obviously we couldn't fit and it was 30% full only! Not coming back."
    Batzul GerelsaikhanBatzul Gerelsaikhan · Febrero 4
    · Badung, Indonesia
    "Opened 3 months ago. Try: Softshell crab, King prawn, Bbq corn. Amazing seafood!"
    Batzul GerelsaikhanBatzul Gerelsaikhan · Febrero 2
    · Badung, Indonesia
    "Only get the american breakfast, choose fruit platter instead of juice, never choose the poached egg (they do not know how to make it properly), but choose sunny side up or turnover eggs."
    Batzul GerelsaikhanBatzul Gerelsaikhan · Febrero 1
    Centro turístico
    · Indonesia