Cincinnati History Photos

Cincinnati History Photos


We're connecting the past with the present through foursquare. When you check in, you'll see historic photos of your favorite places to get an idea for what they looked like fifty, seventy-five or even one hundred years ago. The photos appear courtesy of the Greater Cincinnati Memory Project; the Geneaology & Local History Department of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County; the Cincinnati Historical Society Library; nkyviews.com and cincinnativiews.net.

Cincinnati, OH
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Cincinnati History Photos
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14 murals by Winold Reiss once adorned the waiting areas of Union Terminal. Each celebrated a Cincinnati company. They were moved to CVG in 1973 before that portion of the terminal was demolished.
Cincinnati History Photos
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Cincinnati is lucky to have a number of historic buildings that have survived to the present day. Here's a list of some of the most historic that are still around.
Cincinnati History Photos
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1 lugar incluyendo Arnold's Bar & Grill
Cincinnati History Photos
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2 lugares incluyendo Koto Japanese Steakhouse, Fountain Square
    "The Cincinnati Convention Center played host to the annual American Bowling Congress tournament shortly after it opened in 1968. Over the course of the 75 day tournament, 228,775 games were played."
    Cincinnati History PhotosCincinnati History Photos · Junio 11, 2013
    Centro de convenciones
    · Cincinnati, Estados Unidos
    "P&G's Ivorydale presence dates to 1885, when they built a plant to produce Ivory soap. Over the years it's been home to Crisco, Tide, Crest and Olean manufacturing."
    Cincinnati History PhotosCincinnati History Photos · Junio 4, 2013
    · Cincinnati, Estados Unidos
    "This Siemens plant was once home to the Bullock Electric Manufacturing Co., which first located here in 1884. It was the first factory in Norwood and the cause of some anxiety among residents."
    Cincinnati History PhotosCincinnati History Photos · Junio 3, 2013
    · Norwood, Estados Unidos
    "The building next door was once a Thriftway, site of the Supermarket Ambush. Six police officers hid out, waiting for a pair of safecrackers to enter the building. Both were killed in the shootout."
    Cincinnati History PhotosCincinnati History Photos · Abril 24, 2013
    · Cincinnati, Estados Unidos
    "The Cincinnati Times-Star was headquartered here from 1892 to 1933. Here newsboys are seen outside the building with a baseball extra in August 1908."
    Cincinnati History PhotosCincinnati History Photos · Febrero 21, 2013
    · Cincinnati, Estados Unidos
    "The corner of 3rd and Saratoga looked a lot different in 1910. Notice the streetcar heading for Fort Thomas."
    Cincinnati History PhotosCincinnati History Photos · Febrero 15, 2013
    · Newport, Estados Unidos