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Chris Cookson

Chris Cookson


I'm a New York City based animator who loves to try as many types of foods as possible. Apart from food, I really love cartoons and movies.

Stamford, CT
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  • New York
  • Los Angeles
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  • Stamford
  • Santa Monica
  • Venice
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New York
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Los Angeles
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Santa Monica
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Universal City
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Marina del Rey
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Listas recientes de Chris
Chris Cookson
25 lugares actualizados Enero 29, 2012
During my four years at Pratt, I was first disappointed that the only fast food place nearby was White Castle (gross) but soon learned that was a blessing. Here were some of my favorite places
Chris Cookson
92 lugares actualizados
92 lugares incluyendo Pho 86, Ktown Pho, Spoon by H, Myungrang Hot Dog (명랑 핫도그)
Chris Cookson
348 lugares actualizados
348 lugares incluyendo Oldfield's Liquor Room, Calavera Burrito Co, Doomie's, Kogi Taqueria
    Tips recientes de Chris
    "a bit pricier than you’d expect and the burger patty is kind of dry but otherwise a really fun place! Their Animal Style fun fries are better than IN-N-OUT! Should scratch the fast food itch well."
    Chris CooksonChris Cookson · Julio 15
    Vegetariana/Vegetariana estricta
    · Culver City, Estados Unidos
    "The same great menu as the Kogi truck but available year round and late. The wet burrito is an absolute must, if you are familiar with Roy Choi's oeuvre, get the Carnitas Fries. They're exclusive here"
    Chris CooksonChris Cookson · Mayo 9
    · Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos
    "This is a really nice location, great parking, right next to the cinema. If it's your first time I'd highly recommend ordering the Hot Oil Pizza. It's a Stamford favorite and their signature dish."
    Chris CooksonChris Cookson · Noviembre 26, 2018
    · Port Chester, Estados Unidos
    "The Arnold Palmer sorbet is creamy and delicious."
    Chris CooksonChris Cookson · Octubre 20, 2018
    · Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos
    "Try to arrive at least an hour before gates open, once you make your way through the gates head to the right side of the screen in the front. It's the least crowded. Photo booth photos are free online"
    Chris CooksonChris Cookson · Agosto 29, 2017
    Películas independientes
    · Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos
    "The rooms have a really nice vibe and they have a full service menu, English song selection is limited though and sorted only alphabetically by song tile so takes awhile to find something you want."
    Chris CooksonChris Cookson · Julio 21, 2017
    · Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos