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Eric O

Eric O


If you're referring to the incident with the dragon, I was barely involved.

Malden, MA · Superuser icon?Superuser Level 3
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Las Vegas
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Listas recientes de Eric
Eric O
13 lugares actualizados Noviembre 1, 2019
A list of good lunch spots that are walkable on a lunch break from the Museum of Science, which straddles the Boston/Cambridge Border. Note: Many of these are closed on Sundays!
Eric O
14 lugares actualizados Febrero 9, 2013
Places that no tourist should leave Boston without visiting. (Work in progress)
Eric O
7 lugares actualizados Septiembre 22, 2013
My favorite watering holes, taking into account alcohol selection and atmosphere. Stop in to one and grab a brew!
Eric O
5 lugares actualizados Febrero 9, 2013
My favorite places to grab an early morning feast.
Eric O
13 lugares actualizados Agosto 9, 2013
My favorite pizza places of all time.
Eric O
10 lugares actualizados Septiembre 6, 2014
Throughout Greater Boston and centered on the Museum of Science lies a model of our Solar System that is to scale in both size and distance. See if you can find all of the planets!
    Tips recientes de Eric
    "No shoes for adults in the gym - a great chance to show off your favorite socks!"
    Eric OEric O · Marzo 3
    · Norwell, Estados Unidos
    "Gasoline is the main fuel of modern combustion engines which power many passenger cars on the roads today."
    Eric OEric O · Diciembre 13, 2019
    Estación de servicio
    · Charlton, Estados Unidos
    "You are crossing the Hudson River, ranking 50th in the USA in terms of discharge volume at 16,000 cubic feet per second."
    Eric OEric O · Diciembre 13, 2019
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos
    "No baby changing stations in the bathrooms."
    Eric OEric O · Diciembre 13, 2019
    · Manchester, Estados Unidos
    "Changing station in the men's bathroom - check!"
    Eric OEric O · Diciembre 13, 2019
    · Manchester, Estados Unidos
    "On an admittedly busy Sunday night, it was 45 minutes at the table before we ordered and another 45 before the food hit the table. Frank's is frozen in time in more ways than one - budget a few hours."
    Eric OEric O · Noviembre 26, 2019
    · Cambridge, Estados Unidos