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Sugerencias para Comida≠ar=West Los Angeles Culver City, CA cerca de Nueva York

    • 9.5
      (St. Patrick's Cathedral)
      14 E 51st St (at 5th Ave), Nueva York
      • Eliseo S.

        Eliseo S. • Julio 6, 2018Una obra arquitectónica excelente, me encanta el estilo Gótico, está abierta al público, no se cobra el acceso!!

    • 9.0
      251 W 18th St Lowr (btwn 7th & 8th), Nueva York
      • Justin F.

        Justin F. • Marzo 30, 2016These cookies will change your life. Classic chocolate chip cookie is divine. Triple chocolate spice is to be avoided, but oatmeal raisin is surprisingly delish.

    • 8.6
      Cancha de baloncesto
      W 3rd St & 6th Ave (6 Av), Nueva York
      • Bing

        Bing • Agosto 8, 2012A top spot to play amateur basketball in NYC. It’s also a popular scouting spot, so make sure to bring your A-Game.

    • 8.2
      Panadería$$$$Ver menú
      3 W 18th St (btwn 5th & 6th Ave), Nueva York
      • Vanessa M.

        Vanessa M. • Diciembre 12, 2014Café donde se reúnen a conversar las chicas de #SATC

    • 8.1
      128 8th Ave (Between 16th & 17th Streets), Nueva York
      • Mike D.

        Mike D. • Octubre 10, 2011Veronica does a great job! Quick, solid, reasonably priced men's cut

    • 8.0
      Americana$$$$Ver menú
      407 W 42nd St (at 9th Ave.), Nueva York
      • Anton S.

        Anton S. • Octubre 14, 2012Try the Family Meal - Mmmmmm delicious

    • 7.9
      112 W 18th St (at 6th Ave), Nueva York
      • qwertney

        qwertney • Junio 24, 2013West Elm is my go-to store for terrarium and plant containers (and inspiration). Although their succulent selection is robust, it's often poor quality. They sell nice air plants and pots.

    • 7.3
      Bar de hotel$$$$Ver menú
      310 W 44th St (at 8th Ave), Nueva York
      • Richard R.

        Richard R. • Noviembre 14, 2013The escargot was amazing. The mussels good not great. The pistachio Madeline's with chocolate dipping sauce and the fig and honey tart were awesome

    • 7.3
      Campo de tiro
      20 W 20th St Lowr Level (5th Avenue), Nueva York
      • Clarissa C.

        Clarissa C. • Julio 11, 2013Satisfying experience for first time! Of course it's pricey, but is recommend it. After 1st class you get a discount for the next 3 months.

    • 7.3
      Carrito de comida$$$$Ver menú
      1 E 54th St, Nueva York
      • Steve L.

        Steve L. • Marzo 17, 2011Get the Basmati Royal- $10 but has grilled chicken, merguez, kofta, grilled beef, grilled veggies and greens over basmati rice with coice of sauces. Very tasty!

    • 7.2
      339 W 39th St, Nueva York
      • Sir Chandler

        Sir Chandler • Marzo 13, 2011Muy buenas habitaciones. Buena proporción precio calidad. Buena atención

    • 7.2
      Bar$$$$Ver menú
      109 Ludlow St (btwn Rivington & Delancey), Nueva York
      • Chris H.

        Chris H. • Enero 11, 2012Milagro Unico!

    • 6.8
      Comida y bebidaVer productos
      238 E 14th St (Between 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave), Nueva York
      • Kathryn F.

        Kathryn F. • Octubre 29, 2011Eggplant wrap (#10) is amazing...and only $6

    • 6.1
      Americana$$$$Ver menú
      35 W 43rd St, Nueva York
      • Raquel B.

        Raquel B. • Enero 23, 2013Very good food and inexpensive. I got 2 eggs with about 4-5 pieces of bacon, French fries, toast and a bottle of soda for under $8.

    • 6.1
      Café$$$$Ver menú
      145 E 23rd St (at Lexington Ave.), Nueva York
      • Julio W.

        Julio W. • Julio 8Cheap eats, opens early. You can find breakfast sandwiches, platters, bagels, soups, sandwich, salads, or pasta.

    • 6.0
      729 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn
      • Spork T.

        Spork T. • Octubre 8, 2014Get Ham and Cheese roll in the mornings when they're still warm out of the oven!

    • 6.0
      358 W 47th St (near 9th Ave), Nueva York
      • Haley J.

        Haley J. • Enero 13, 2014Chicken bahn mi is FANTASTIC. Beware carb haters, it's really bread heavy. Also tried the shrimp spring rolls, so fresh and light -- ask for the spicy addition to the peanut sauce.

    • 5.9
      128 W 29th St (at 7th Ave), Nueva York
      • CrisyFrank

        CrisyFrank • Septiembre 4, 2017Ubicacion excelente, muy cerca de dos estaciones de subway (Penn Station y 28th).El staff es muy amable y las habitaciones son muy limpias y comodas, ademas te regalan galletas y agua en el lobby.

    • 5.8
      Sándwiches$$$$Ver menú
      420 Lexington Ave, Nueva York
      • Bean Labs

        Bean Labs • Marzo 22, 2011Burritos are terrific - and a good deal on Fridays. A great way to get the creative juices flowing.

    • 5.8
      43-12 50th St (at 50th St), Woodside
      • Monse M.

        Monse M. • Junio 9, 2015Nice place! Cheap food and beer

    • ?
      222 Centre St (at Grand St.), Nueva York
      • Jonathan C.

        Jonathan C. • Enero 22, 2016Service is excellent. Prices too.

    • ?
      Lugar de música
      Pier 63, Nueva York
    • ?
      18 Cooper Sq, Nueva York
    • Category icon
      China$$$$Ver menú
      48-18 Van Dam St (48th Ave), Queens
      • Jojo

        Jojo • Mayo 11, 2012Love the fried chicken!

    • ?
      Delicatessen/Tienda de comestibles$$$$
      333 E 23rd St (1st Avenue), Nueva York
      • Gianna N.

        Gianna N. • Mayo 10, 2018Love the chopped salads for lunch. They have tons of sandwiches too and are inexpensive and quick

    • ?
      Carrito de comida$$$$
      Nueva York
      • Austin S.

        Austin S. • Mayo 10Shrimp tacos are excellent along with El Pastor and Steak. Cash only!

    • ?
      Artes marciales
      525 W 52nd St, Nueva York
    • 5.3
      Delicatessen/Tienda de comestibles$$$$
      535 9th Ave (at 40th St), Nueva York
      • Jon H.

        Jon H. • Agosto 30, 2011Fresh juice is great. Get green apple, carrot, spinach, and ginger.

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