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Sugerencias para Librería cerca de Union Square, Nueva York

    • 9.2
      18 W 18th St (btwn 5th & 6th Ave), Nueva York
      • Alexandra L.

        Alexandra L. • Marzo 1, 2017my favorite bookstore of all-time. the workers are incredibly kind, the selection is glorious (lots of signed editions!), and as strange as it sounds, the place always smells like cinnamon. love!! 💖

    • 8.9
      33 E 17th St (btwn Broadway & Park Ave S), Nueva York
      • Pablo V.

        Pablo V. • Enero 21, 2015Librería de las antiguas. Mucha oferta de libros.

    • 8.1
      2 W 14th St (at 5th Avenue), Nueva York
      • Yolanda Shoshana

        Yolanda Shoshana • Julio 30, 2011Such a gem of a bookstore. When you want to get some things for your spiritual self, this is the go to place. Great books, stones,candles, etc. As well as a delightful staff. Gets a major thumbs up! x

    • 5.8
      44 Union Sq E (btwn E 16th & E 17th St.), Nueva York
      • r t.

        r t. • Diciembre 18, 2011Union Square Magazines moved to this location on December 1st, 2011 = no more ice cream :-[

    • ?
      Nueva York
    • 7.5
      9 E 17th St, Nueva York
      • Xiaoyi L.

        Xiaoyi L. • Junio 18, 2015Amazing new cafe. Get the salad/sandwich combo. Good value for the money. Very very authentic Italian cooking. Loved it.

    • 9.4
      btwn Broadway & Union Sq E (btwn E 14th & E 17th St), Nueva York
    • 6.7
      Cafetería$$$$Ver menú
      10 Union Sq E (at E 15th St), Nueva York
      • David G.

        David G. • Agosto 11, 2014Servicio rápido y accesible.

    • 9.6
      Mercado de productos de granja$$$$Ver productos
      1 Union Sq W (btwn 15th & 17th St), Nueva York
      • Fluying ✅.

        Fluying ✅. • Octubre 19, 2014Abierto los lunes, miercoles, viernes y sabado de 8am a 6pm. Es ESPECTACULAR.

    • 9.1
      Barra de jugos$$$$Ver menú
      28 E 18th St (at Broadway), Nueva York
      • Lorraine S.

        Lorraine S. • Marzo 5, 2016Jugos tan ricos como si fueran hechos en casa

    • 8.9
      Escultura al aire libre
      Union Square Park (at 16th Street Walkway), Nueva York
      • HISTORY

        HISTORY • Mayo 4, 2012The Republican organization known as the Union League Club sponsored this bronze of Lincoln by sculptor Henry Kirke Brown (1814 - 1886).

    • 8.8
      Mariscos$$$$Ver menú
      31 Union Sq W (at E 16th St), Nueva York
      • Vanessa M.

        Vanessa M. • Diciembre 12, 2014Chicas de SATC hablando de política en la terraza

    • 8.7
      Postres$$$$Ver menú
      25 E 17th St (at Broadway), Nueva York
      • Tara D.

        Tara D. • Marzo 17, 2016Don't arrive too late, or you'll miss the chocolate flavor! Mango and raspberry are also ideal choices, and the pretzel cones are great.

    • 8.6
      GimnasioVer precios
      25 W 14th St (btwn 5th & 6th Ave.), Nueva York
      • FiTMAPPED

        FiTMAPPED • Febrero 20, 2013If you prefer a calm oasis to work out in, we recommend CLAY. They have their own special pilates area, great classes, and none of that Top 40 music blasting from speakers.

    • 8.6
      Mediterránea$$$$Ver menú
      585 Avenue of the Americas (btwn 16th & 17th St.), Nueva York
      • TheRakker

        TheRakker • Agosto 15, 2014I love this place!!! So many meat and salad options, plus whole wheat pita.

    • 8.3
      Nueva cocina americana$$$$Ver menú
      121 E 17th St (at Irving Pl.), Nueva York
      • Ina L.

        Ina L. • Octubre 24, 2015Romantic, intimate dining environment with a fire place for companies of two. Love the deviled eggs and their pre-fix lunch including a glass of prosecco

    • 8.2
      Ensalada$$$$Ver menú
      24 E 17th St (btwn Broadway & 5th Ave), Nueva York
      • Jonah E.

        Jonah E. • Febrero 10, 2016Harvest cobb salad was delicious. Vegan Mexican salad was great too. I added chicken.

    • 8.2
      Escultura al aire libre
      Union Square Park, Nueva York
      • NYHistory

        NYHistory • Febrero 13, 2012This sculpture by Henry Kirke Brown depicts George Washington addressing New Yorkers as the British retreated on Evacuation Day, November 25, 1783.

    • 8.0
      20 Union Sq W (E 17th St), Nueva York
      • DoubleDeuce

        DoubleDeuce • Junio 27A must-go place for the warm months. The drinks are great, it's all outdoors, the fresh ricotta is delicious and the pizza is packed full of flavor. I'm digging this spot.

    • 7.9
      Bar de vinos$$$$Ver menú
      53 Irving Pl, Nueva York
      • Sarah C.

        Sarah C. • Abril 18, 2012I love the vibe at this place, huge selection of wines by the glass and the music selection is mellow and great.

    • 7.8
      864 Broadway (btwn E 17th & 18th Sts), Nueva York
      • Carol R.

        Carol R. • Noviembre 16, 2010This is a small chipotle so be prepared to share a table with a stranger but so worth it. Tacos and burritos are amazing!!!

    • 7.7
      Bar de vinos$$$$
      15 E 15th St. (btwn 5th Ave. & Union Square West), Nueva York
      • Kat Z.

        Kat Z. • Noviembre 23, 2015Relajado para un precopeo 5/10

    • 7.4
      Escultura al aire libre
      Union Square W, Nueva York
      • G W.

        G W. • Marzo 22, 2012You'd never expect to see Gandhi in the middle of NYC, but you will. Sometimes he's decorated in flowers. The gate is open during the day and closed at night.

    • 7.0
      47 W 14th St (btwn 5th & 6th Ave.), Nueva York
      • Amy J.

        Amy J. • Marzo 25, 2011The two patty special is a winner every time and a pineapple soda goes great with the spicy patty.

    • 6.6
      Americana$$$$Ver menú
      10 E 16th St (at Union Square), Nueva York
      • Tara

        Tara • Octubre 28, 2010House salad is delicious & filling- awesome dressing! Fried oysters are a bit over-breaded & greasy.

    • 6.4
      Salón$$$$Ver menú
      29 Union Sq W (16th), Nueva York
      • Bitches Who Brunch

        Bitches Who Brunch • Octubre 15, 2015The Bitches say: C+. Overall, our collective description of our brunch was “standard”. You won’t be blown away, but you’ll leave caffeinated and satiated.

    • 6.3

      28. Adalya

      Mediterránea$$$$Ver menú
      55 Irving Pl (btwn E 17th & E 18th St), Nueva York
      • Gothamist

        Gothamist • Marzo 23, 2015This Mediterranean eatery has a brunch menu to supplement their sustainable, farm-to-table focus. They serve Apple Cinnamon Pancakes, and a Hanger Steak with fried eggs and pickled guindilla pepper.

    • 6.2
      Americana$$$$Ver menú
      20 Union Square West (at 17th St), Nueva York
      • Norman E.

        Norman E. • Julio 11, 2014Great lunch spot. Decor gives a Mediterranean feel. Drinks are costly but the food prices are actually very reasonable. Have the 75 Pavilion Cocktail and save room for one of their sublime desserts.

    • 6.2
      Cafetería$$$$Ver menú
      574 Avenue of the Americas (at W 16th St), Nueva York
      • Ian F.

        Ian F. • Enero 18, 2014One of my favorite late-night dining spots in the city. Perfect place after a night out or a late movie. Has a pretty large menu, burgers, pasta, etc but my rec is always go for the breakfast.

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