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Sugerencias para Restaurante australiano cerca de Alphabet City, Nueva York

    • 9.0
      198 East 11th St (at 3rd Ave), Nueva York
      • Michael A.

        Michael A. • Octubre 16, 2020Burger + Pappardelle are musts.

    • 8.9
      Americana$$$$Ver menú
      173 Avenue A (at E 11th St), Nueva York
    • 8.5
      Americana$$$$Ver menú
      55 3rd Ave (btwn E 10th & E 11th St), Nueva York
      • Sagy M.

        Sagy M. • Diciembre 1, 2014Todo está espectacular, de los mejores restaurantes de comida americana en NY.

    • 8.9
      Café$$$$Ver menú
      307 E 9th St (btwn 1st & 2nd Ave), Nueva York
      • Amelie P.

        Amelie P. • Diciembre 1, 2014Mudspot es genial para el brunch y tiene su propia marca de café. + info sobre East Village en http://ow.ly/FaacW

    • Category icon

      5. ATKH

      521 E 12th St (Between Ave A & Ave B), Nueva York
    • 7.6
      Café$$$$Ver menú
      163 1st Ave (btwn E 10th & 11th St), Nueva York
      • Adrien

        Adrien • Mayo 5, 2015Home made pear tarts by the slice on weekends!

    • 7.1
      Salón de té$$$$
      199 E 3rd St (Ave B), Nueva York
      • Kavitha B.

        Kavitha B. • Octubre 2, 2019Really lovely owners, great branding and beautiful space. Chai needs to be stronger - more spice, more tea, less milk.

    • 8.8
      Cafetería$$$$Ver menú
      101 2nd Ave, Nueva York
      • Tom D.

        Tom D. • Junio 25I love the rum infused cold brew

    • 8.3
      Cafetería$$$$Ver menú
      131 E 7th St, Nueva York
      • Emma C.

        Emma C. • Septiembre 30, 2020my #1 east village go-to! discount for locals + cute vegan baked goods

    • 7.4
      Bar de vinos$$$$Ver menú
      121 Saint Marks Pl (btwn 1st Ave & Avenue A), Nueva York
      • Manda S.

        Manda S. • Febrero 13, 2012Come for the 2 for 1 but order avocado toast for yummy healthy snack or pack on the calories with pasta dishes to die for (and cheap too!)

    • 8.1
      Cóctel$$$$Ver menú
      509 E 6th St, Nueva York
      • John C.

        John C. • Junio 11Try as many cocktails as you can! I had the ‘Two in a Ro’, ‘Fight Milk’ and ‘Piña Chili Margarita’ and was impressed by all. Food is good too!

    • 7.8
      Gastropub$$$$Ver menú
      5 Avenue A (at W Houston St), Nueva York
      • Lucy H.

        Lucy H. • Febrero 20, 2017Quinoa and kale salad is BOMB. They also have a fun ceiling fan set up, look up!

    • 6.9
      Sports Bar$$$$Ver menú
      16 1st Ave (at 1st St), Nueva York
      • Kevin B.

        Kevin B. • Agosto 22, 2015Nice setup and vibe. Great bartenders and would definitely come back again.

    • 6.7

      14. DIA

      Italiana$$$$Ver menú
      58 2nd Ave, Nueva York
      • Ebrahim B.

        Ebrahim B. • Diciembre 27, 2018The lamb shank $35 was amazing, hunk of meat and bone enough for two Planted on a bed of yellow polenta with a few roast carrots on the side, the cut had been braised in wine tasty bit.ly/2ERVQqR

    • 5.5
      Donuts$$$$Ver menú
      67 Cooper Sq (btwn Astor Pl & E 7th St), Nueva York
      • Zack K.

        Zack K. • Noviembre 1, 2016Shit service.

    • 5.6
      Cafetería$$$$Ver menú
      250 E Houston St (Norfolk St), Nueva York
      • Nadia B.

        Nadia B. • Julio 13, 2012Iced French Vanilla is the way to go. Staff friendly and nice.

    • 5.7
      Donuts$$$$Ver menú
      208 E 14th St (btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave), Nueva York
      • Bruno

        Bruno • Agosto 10, 2014Free Wifi and friendly staff

    • 5.5
      Donuts$$$$Ver menú
      542 E 14th St (btw Ave A & Ave B), Nueva York
      • Vishal G.

        Vishal G. • Julio 12, 2012The workers here are really nice. They always remember your order and are generally good people! Tip em!

    • 9.2
      Café para mascotas
      195 Avenue A (at E 12th St), Nueva York
      • Stephen C.

        Stephen C. • Febrero 10, 2018Brought my pup and it's a nice place. The dog friendly section is cordoned off from food service area. They have a variety of coffee and tea drinks and they'll be getting their beer and wine license

    • 7.7

      20. Poco

      Tapas$$$$Ver menú
      33 Avenue B (at E 3rd St), Nueva York
      • Lady S.

        Lady S. • Enero 18, 2016Their drinks are great and really strong for a boozy brunch. I really enjoy their Benedict's. Haven't gotten around to trying more.

    • 7.3
      Cafetería$$$$Ver menú
      88 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003 (btwn 6th St & 5th St), Nueva York
      • Graylyn R.

        Graylyn R. • Diciembre 18, 2016Great diner that also happens to have a good draft beer selection. $5 happy hour drafts. I had the Signature Burger and it was delicious.

    • 6.9
      Delicatessen/Tienda de comestibles$$$$
      122 Saint Marks Pl (btw Avenue A and 1st Ave), Nueva York
      • Andrew C.

        Andrew C. • Mayo 27, 2016expensive but so amazing... all kinds of Israeli products and some beers!!! love it

    • 6.3
      Barra de jugos$$$$
      152 2nd Ave (E 10th Street), Nueva York
      • Katherine C.

        Katherine C. • Febrero 18, 2018Really great value for the avocado toast. Comes with a hard boiled egg!

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