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Listas recientes de TJ
1 lugares actualizados Agosto 5, 2015
Here's a few places that I've been to that have a great selection of sweets and sometimes unique combinations.
2 lugares actualizados Marzo 11, 2015
These are places I've been to around Atlanta that practice a healthier way of living. Organic dishes and regular dishes.
12 lugares actualizados Octubre 19, 2015
Here's a few places I've been to that usually have a pretty good breakfast and that I enjoy a lot.
1 lugares actualizados Mayo 13, 2012
A few places I've been to that I wanted to enjoy some good Chinese Food or American Influenced Chinese Food. Either or, they aren't really Hibachi, but they are good or not good.
9 lugares actualizados Enero 2, 2015
Here's a few places I've been to for Concerts or just a simple night out on the town. Places that have a very nice & welcoming atmosphere.
3 lugares actualizados Marzo 23, 2013
Here's a few Coffee Shops where I like to go and have a Hot Chocolate or a nice Signature Drink.
    Tips recientes de TJ
    "The “One Night Stand” is pretty good. I came out for the Grand Opening, so the menu was limited. But I plan to go back. The bun is a Hawaiian Roll. I wish a plain bun was an option too."
    TJTJ · hace 1 semana
    Vegetariana/Vegetariana estricta
    · Atlanta, Estados Unidos
    "On Sundays you cannot use the Dryers unless you Wash first (Sunday’s Only)."
    TJTJ · hace 3 semanas
    Sin categoría
    · Riverdale, Estados Unidos
    "I’ve been to 2 parties hosted by Parties Galore. Both were awesome. The food is good. I’m a fan of the spinach dip. And the hosting was good too. Everyone was nice."
    TJTJ · Octubre 29, 2018
    · Lawrenceville, Estados Unidos
    "Definitely get the Honey Garlic Wings. This is one my my favorite spots in St. Thomas and I miss it."
    TJTJ · Septiembre 26, 2018
    Sports Bar
    · St. Thomas, Canadá
    "A nice little local mall for the area. You can head over to the Metro and get groceries. Might find some Honey Garlic Wings. Go to the bank. Catch. Movie. I haven’t been since 2006, but I like it."
    TJTJ · Septiembre 26, 2018
    Centro comercial
    · St. Thomas, Canadá
    "This is a BP Station. No signs on the interstate saying exit 143 is BP. Also, you can’t just pay as a Credit Card at the pump. It wants the “exact” amount. I hate stations like that. Guess your fillup"
    TJTJ · Agosto 18, 2018
    Estación de servicio
    · Estados Unidos