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Tracy Loh

Tracy Loh


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Kuala Lumpur
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Petaling Jaya
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George Town
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Pak Chong
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Tracy Loh
1 lugares actualizados Abril 19, 2018
1 lugar incluyendo Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong (新源隆茶餐室)
Tracy Loh
14 lugares actualizados Diciembre 17, 2017
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Tracy Loh
1 lugares actualizados
1 lugar incluyendo Reaun Mai Restaurant
Tracy Loh
582 lugares actualizados
582 lugares incluyendo 大德古早味肉骨茶 Da De Bah Kut Teh@CHERAS, shabu shabu 食得爽 旋轉火鍋, Maccha Iki, ZUS Coffee
    Tips recientes de Tracy
    "sushi here has something different, explore the conveyor belt, food taste good in general and the restaurant space is spacious, good service by the staff. https://t.co/u2d4d62ajm"
    Tracy LohTracy Loh · Abril 27
    · Kuala Lumpur, Malasia
    "newly open but popular, their pork ribeye is really tender and juicy, perfect combination of meat and fat. mac & cheese is also yummy, smells so good, hot from the oven. https://t.co/c8wNn70hI1"
    Tracy LohTracy Loh · Abril 26
    · Subang Jaya, Malasia
    "there's buffet and ala carte option with free flow side dishes. the pancake is quite nice, pricing is reasonable. staff is quick but the restaurant is always busy."
    Tracy LohTracy Loh · Abril 21
    Korean BBQ
    · Kuala Lumpur, Malasia
    "petit gateau is not only to treat your sweet cravings, it's also a visual enjoyment, they are really pretty. daisy is recommended, the matcha and fruit taste match is great. https://t.co/iQ3s2SNysx"
    Tracy LohTracy Loh · Abril 20
    · Petaling Jaya, Malasia
    "cozy cafe with really nice ambiance, the salmon is really nice with lemon butter sauce. cofftail options are interesting and food portion is just nice. https://t.co/vtJ4n0YH2y"
    Tracy LohTracy Loh · Abril 18
    · Petaling Jaya, Malasia
    "nice cafe with a minimalist design, chill ambiance, very comfortable to just lay back and chit chat, not overly crowded. the hojicha double formage cheesecake is well balanced. https://t.co/Xxnn6DKmQd"
    Tracy LohTracy Loh · Abril 15
    · Kuala Lumpur, Malasia