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Lisa Huey-Cole

Lisa Huey-Cole


Sacramento, CA · Superuser icon?Superusuario Nivel 3
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Lisa Huey-Cole
22 lugares actualizados Marzo 31, 2013
Quick research from Google and Wikipedia come together in this list. Check out my "Top Chef Competitors' Restaurants" list too. I hope to get other Masters seasons created soon. Happy eating!!
Lisa Huey-Cole
14 lugares actualizados Agosto 2, 2019
14 lugares incluyendo Adalberto's Mexican Food, Eriberto's Mexican Food, Alberto's Mexican Food, Aldanberto's Mexican Food
Lisa Huey-Cole
2 lugares actualizados Febrero 27, 2015
2 lugares incluyendo The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, The Pop-Up Wedding Chapel
Lisa Huey-Cole
67 lugares actualizados Diciembre 24, 2016
Wish and reference list. Compiled from google and is as accurate as searching the last year's articles can get! Note: does not include Top Chef: Masters - that's in process!
Lisa Huey-Cole
70 lugares actualizados Julio 31, 2012
LA and OC Food Trucks that I have or want to eat at. Also, a handy list in case the trucks don't come up in your search. Tell me if I need to add more! I'm more familiar with the OC dwellers.
Lisa Huey-Cole
150 lugares actualizados
150 lugares incluyendo Lawry's The Prime Rib, Georgia Aquarium, Cafe Borrone, The Alembic
    Tips recientes de Lisa
    "Be aware that as of October 2016, due to the construction, they do NOT have a full bar; they only have bottled beer (no draft), wine, and fountain soda."
    Lisa Huey-ColeLisa Huey-Cole · Octubre 17, 2016
    · San Francisco, Estados Unidos
    "Note that the Not Your Dad's Mac & Cheese has some heat to it - it doesn't state this on the menu!"
    Lisa Huey-ColeLisa Huey-Cole · Octubre 13, 2015
    · Sacramento, Estados Unidos
    "Whats good? Not the new foursquare"
    Lisa Huey-ColeLisa Huey-Cole · Septiembre 26, 2014
    Comida rápida
    · Fairfield, Estados Unidos
    "The restaurant, their owner, and their trademark Torpasta was featured in Food Network's Mystery Diners"
    Lisa Huey-ColeLisa Huey-Cole · Agosto 28, 2014
    · San Diego, Estados Unidos
    "Half the time they don't have chips ready at lunch. You open at the same time every day! Come on."
    Lisa Huey-ColeLisa Huey-Cole · Agosto 23, 2013
    · Sacramento, Estados Unidos
    "In a hurry to get to the terminal? Park further into the lot - closer to where the buses leave the lot. Will you be in a rush to get home? Park more towards the entrance, you get to your car sooner."
    Lisa Huey-ColeLisa Huey-Cole · Julio 27, 2013
    · Sacramento, Estados Unidos