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Steve Lok

Steve Lok


Polymorphously Perverse on the edge of the island

New York, NY
  • 9 tips
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New York
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Asbury Park
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San Simeon
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Steve Lok
9 lugares actualizados Diciembre 11, 2013
9 lugares incluyendo The Economist Group, The Economist Group, MTA Bus - W 42 St & 8 Av (M42), End Game Training
Steve Lok
7 lugares actualizados Febrero 28, 2014
7 lugares incluyendo Heaven Bar & Nightclub, Splash Bar, Pieces Bar, InFuse51
Steve Lok
1 lugares actualizados Febrero 8, 2012
1 lugar incluyendo Premier Dental Associates of Lower Manhattan
Steve Lok
4 lugares actualizados
4 lugares incluyendo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona (MACBA), The House Down The Shore, 14th Street Y, his man's side
Steve Lok
9 lugares actualizados
9 lugares incluyendo The Little Hair Shoppe, End Game Training, Slide & Swing, The Economist Group
    "These shoes are still a local secret. Designed and made in Spain, they're flexible enough for swing dance and for the best haberdashery."
    Steve LokSteve Lok · Noviembre 25, 2013
    · Barcelona, España
    "This is a hilarious statement of fact in the restaurant name, when you really think about it."
    Steve LokSteve Lok · Noviembre 15, 2013
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos
    "Sit on the dressing room bench on a hot summer day. The parade of fit guys streaming right at you is summer entertainment at its best!"
    Steve LokSteve Lok · Mayo 27, 2012
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos
    "To the rude new Japanese girl Miki M. here - don't laugh when someone asks for more soy sauce, when they CAN UNDERSTAND JAPANESE. wakaru?"
    Steve LokSteve Lok · Mayo 3, 2012
    Tienda de comestibles
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos
    "Dr. Quiong and the whole staff are the best. I strayed once for cheap whitening and got a taste of the rest of the pack. The whole office is amazing! Hi Phyllis!"
    Steve LokSteve Lok · Febrero 8, 2012
    Consultorio odontológico
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos
    "Everyone here is a friend - it's the Cheers of hair salons and just fantastic. Don't call Dane you'll steal my appointment slots!"
    Steve LokSteve Lok · Enero 6, 2012
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos