Tokyo Burgers
MUNCH'S BURGER SHACK is one of Tokyo Burgers.


芝2-26-1 (i・smartビル 1F-2F), Tokio, 東京都
Hamburguesería · 田町 · 61 tips y reseñas

MariMari: This is supposed to be one of Tokyo’s best burgers and it did not disappoint. The meat seems to be chopped instead of ground and very flavorful.

Authentic is one of Tokyo Burgers.

2. Authentic

赤坂2-18-19, Tokio, 東京都
Hamburguesería · 赤坂 · 43 tips y reseñas

MariMari: Like most Japanese burgers, this one has a thin patty, so get a double if you like a lot of meat. It’s perfectly seasoned with just salt and pepper. They mix the ketchup and mayo into a sauce.

BeBu is one of Tokyo Burgers.

3. BeBu

虎ノ門1-23-4 (アンダーズ東京 1F), Tokio, 東京都
Hamburguesería · 愛宕 · 17 tips y reseñas

MariMari: Burgers aren’t bad. I didn’t love the BBQ burger, but the standard one is good. There’s a little bar out front if you’re looking for different ambiance. They also do takeout.

Good Morning Cafe & Grill is one of Tokyo Burgers.

4. Good Morning Cafe & Grill

西新橋2-16-6, Tokio, 東京都
Café · 西新橋 · 16 tips y reseñas

MariMari: The burger is pretty decent. Very thin patty, grilled onion and a huge tomato. Also I love the fries.

deli fu cious is one of Tokyo Burgers.

5. deli fu cious

虎ノ門1-17-1 (虎ノ門ヒルズビジネスタワー 3F/虎ノ門横丁), Tokio, 東京都
Hamburguesería · 愛宕 · 4 tips y reseñas

MariMari: Shrimp burger is so good.

The Burger Shop is one of Tokyo Burgers.

6. The Burger Shop

東山3-14-3, Tokio, 東京都
Hamburguesería · 東山 · 1 tip

MariMari: Cute little burger shop. Thin patty with a soft brioche bun. Very good.

Burger Mania is one of Tokyo Burgers.

7. Burger Mania

南麻布5-15-25 (広尾六幸館 2F), 港区, 東京都
Hamburguesería · 25 tips y reseñas

MariMari: Good American style burgers. Thin patty, soft buns. They also serve Japanese whiskey!

San Francisco Peaks is one of Tokyo Burgers.

8. San Francisco Peaks

神宮前3-28-7, Tokio, 東京都
Local de Hot Dogs · 神宮前 · 23 tips y reseñas

MariMari: Cheeseburger was a bit dry but the ambiance of this place is cool.

BLACOWS is one of Tokyo Burgers.


恵比寿西2-11-9 (東光ホワイトビル 1F), Tokio, 東京都
Hamburguesería · 恵比寿 · 84 tips y reseñas

MariMari: This is supposed to be one of Tokyo’s best burgers. I got the signature burger. Is good, but the patty is a bit dry. Flavor comes with the toppings

The Counter is one of Tokyo Burgers.

10. The Counter

赤坂9-7-4 (東京ミッドタウン ガレリア B1F), Tokio, 東京都
Hamburguesería · 六本木 · 10 tips y reseñas

MariMari: I like this place. Choose your type of meat, ounces, bun type, toppings and sauce. The patty is flavorful. This is a burger with cheese and lettuce on an English muffin.

The Great Burger is one of Tokyo Burgers.

11. The Great Burger

神宮前6-12-5 (原宿新天地 1F), Tokio, 東京都
Hamburguesería · 神宮前 · 118 tips y reseñas

MariMari: Wouldn’t wait in line for this place, but they have a great menu and good vibes. Burger is okay, bun and toppings are delicious. Homemade lemonade is so good.

418 Kamiyama is one of Tokyo Burgers.

12. 418 Kamiyama

神山町4-18 (1F), 渋谷区, 東京都
Bar · 7 tips y reseñas

MariMari: Great burger spot

FIRE HOUSE is one of Tokyo Burgers.


本郷4-5-10 (サンファミリー本郷 1F), Tokio, 東京都
Hamburguesería · 春日 · 70 tips y reseñas

MariMari: Really solid burger. One of my faves in Tokyo. Some places have dry patties but this place is good. Burgers are flavorful.