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NoMade InMongolia

NoMade InMongolia


Just another Mongolian, trying to help others by leaving useful tips (。・ω・。)ノ♡

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Ulan Bator
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Makati City
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2 Tips
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NoMade InMongolia
2 lugares actualizados Octubre 31, 2018
2 lugares incluyendo Schmackary's, Dough
NoMade InMongolia
2 lugares actualizados Octubre 1, 2017
2 lugares incluyendo Song Fa Bak Kut Teh 松发肉骨茶, 老成都川菜馆 Old Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant
NoMade InMongolia
1 lugares actualizados Marzo 3, 2016
1 lugar incluyendo Rouan Thai
NoMade InMongolia
38 lugares actualizados Junio 7, 2015
38 lugares incluyendo The Grimm Tales Bar, by Twist London, Tokyo Diner, Greenwich Picturehouse, Shake Shack Covent Garden
NoMade InMongolia
5 lugares actualizados Febrero 2, 2014
5 lugares incluyendo Kata Beach, The Big Buddha, Central Phuket Festival, Kan Eang @ Pier
NoMade InMongolia
70 lugares actualizados
70 lugares incluyendo Bukit Timah Railway Station, Asian Civilisations Museum, Yunomori Onsen • Spa, MAAD: Market of Artists and Designers
    Tips recientes de NoMade
    "Charmagne Algario sings every saturday evening. Her performance is amazing!The hotel is a bit dated, dodgy bar on the ground floor and the bed was very damp, but the service was good. So I don't know."
    NoMade InMongoliaNoMade InMongolia · Septiembre 2, 2019
    · Makati City, Filipinas
    "One main or a starter is enough for two. It is super heavy, you will never finish your food, and if you have a sensitive stomach, you will have hard time digesting the meals."
    NoMade InMongoliaNoMade InMongolia · Agosto 31, 2019
    Comida reconfortante
    · Makati City, Filipinas
    "Amazing beach! Perfect for all types of guests.No need to upgrade your room (it is really nice as is).One suggestion for visitors would be to bring your drinks and some snacks as it is quite secluded."
    NoMade InMongoliaNoMade InMongolia · Julio 22, 2019
    · Kapulauan Riau, Indonesia
    "Great location! Close to lots of attractions. Spa is not exactly great here, suggest going to local Turkish bath places."
    NoMade InMongoliaNoMade InMongolia · Julio 22, 2019
    · Estambul, Turquía
    "If you have a long layover, prepare warm clothes as it gets pretty cold at night. The airport is huge but there are only few small areas to sleep & the transit hotel is usually fully booked."
    NoMade InMongoliaNoMade InMongolia · Mayo 27, 2019
    · Doha, Qatar
    "Free flow of side salad is not too bad. But honestly, soggy and not fully cooked gyoza and very smelly pork don. One of the worst japanese I have ever had. Won't be coming back."
    NoMade InMongoliaNoMade InMongolia · Noviembre 21, 2018