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Mehan Jayasuriya

Mehan Jayasuriya


Brooklyn, NY
  • 58 tips
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San Francisco
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Los Angeles
2 Listas creadas · 3 Tips
New York
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3 Tips
San Gabriel
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Mehan Jayasuriya
1 lugares actualizados Febrero 11, 2020
1 lugar incluyendo Spicy Village
Mehan Jayasuriya
4 lugares actualizados Enero 31, 2020
4 lugares incluyendo Nachtigall Imbiss, Biererei Bar & Vintage Cellar, BRŁO Brwhouse, Hopfenreich
Mehan Jayasuriya
7 lugares actualizados Febrero 2, 2020
7 lugares incluyendo Le Chou de Bruxelles, Nüetnigenough, Le Bistro - Porte de Hal, Chana - Pakora & Falafel
Mehan Jayasuriya
1 lugares actualizados Diciembre 1, 2019
1 lugar incluyendo Larry's
Mehan Jayasuriya
1 lugares actualizados Noviembre 26, 2019
1 lugar incluyendo Ho Lee Fook
Mehan Jayasuriya
1 lugares actualizados Noviembre 5, 2019
1 lugar incluyendo Living Computer Museum
    "if you’re a lambic head, then you already know that moeder has one of the best bottle lists on the planet. but on a quiet night like a sunday, it’s also just a cozy, comfortable neighborhood pub."
    Mehan JayasuriyaMehan Jayasuriya · hace 2 semanas
    Bar de cerveza
    · Sint-Gillis, Bélgica
    "incredible bottle list and satisfying, sophisticated takes on classic belgian dishes, many of them cooked with lambic. be sure to get here early and have a beer at the bar—they only have 8-10 seats."
    Mehan JayasuriyaMehan Jayasuriya · hace 2 semanas
    · Bruselas, Bélgica
    "imagine the best $15 pork katsu sandwich you can find in the basement of tokyo station. now imagine the pork is luxuriously juicy and has the texture of medium rare steak. that’s what they do at konbi"
    Mehan JayasuriyaMehan Jayasuriya · Febrero 16, 2019
    · Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos
    "i want to eat the kimchi toast for breakfast every single day"
    Mehan JayasuriyaMehan Jayasuriya · Febrero 16, 2019
    · San Francisco, Estados Unidos
    "dry hand-pulled noodles with cumin lamb, roujiamou and lamb with pita (a soup with chewy, mao’er duo-like, cube-shaped noodles) were all revelatory, especially the texture of the hand-pulled noodles."
    Mehan JayasuriyaMehan Jayasuriya · Enero 31, 2019
    · San Gabriel, Estados Unidos
    "incredible little cart serving a type of bing from xinyang that i’ve never seen before: a layer of egg between two crispy layers of crepe. skip the line at bing mi and come here instead!"
    Mehan JayasuriyaMehan Jayasuriya · Noviembre 25, 2018
    Carrito de comida
    · Portland, Estados Unidos