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Nic Tinworth

Nic Tinworth


Mid-Levels, Hong Kong · Superuser icon?Superusuario Nivel 2
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Nic Tinworth
16 lugares actualizados Julio 18, 2014
A mish mash of what I consider to be the best restaurants in Hong Kong - not just in terms of food quality and value for money but also ambience and overall enjoyment.
Nic Tinworth
15 lugares actualizados
15 lugares incluyendo Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge, Chôm Chôm, Bahce Turkish Restaurant, Fleur de Sel
Nic Tinworth
2 lugares actualizados
2 lugares incluyendo Tamarind Cafe, Pinewood Battery
    Tips recientes de Nic
    "If you're getting a little tired of the local fare, this wonderful restaurant has a great selection of pizzas and western food. Great outdoor area and music too - highly recommend a visit."
    Nic TinworthNic Tinworth · Septiembre 8, 2013
    · Katmandú, Nepal
    "The best digital agency in town, if I do say so myself."
    Nic TinworthNic Tinworth · Mayo 23, 2013
    · Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
    "Good but horrifically overpriced. Beetroot fries and the green chilies with cheese are fantastic but $50 for one taco is a big ask, and the drinks aren't cheap either. Great space and ambience."
    Nic TinworthNic Tinworth · Junio 26, 2012
    · 中環, Hong Kong
    "Great loop (walk) around Victoria Peak Gardens. Good for dogs."
    Nic TinworthNic Tinworth · Junio 9, 2012
    · 山顶, Hong Kong
    "I find the automatic $4 'Eco Charge' highly pretentious."
    Nic TinworthNic Tinworth · Mayo 29, 2012
    Vegetariana/Vegetariana estricta
    · 中環, Hong Kong
    "If you can't find what you're looking for, the staff will be happy to order in your size and style. FYI, prices are marked in US$."
    Nic TinworthNic Tinworth · Marzo 27, 2012
    Artículos deportivos
    · Sheung Wan, Hong Kong