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Vienna Highlights #4sqCities
Palacio De Schönbrunn is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

1. Palacio De Schönbrunn

(Schloss Schönbrunn)
Schönbrunner Schloßstr. 47, Viena, Viena
Palacio · Hietzing · 649 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Visit Empress Sisi’s former summer residence. This baroque complex contains an enchanting park, the Palm House, the Gloriette and a zoo. Leer más.

Hofburg is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

2. Hofburg

Heldenplatz, Viena, Viena
Palacio · Hofburg · 157 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Until 1918, the Hofburg was the center of the gigantic Habsburg empire. Leer más.

Ringstraße is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

3. Ringstraße

Ringstr., Viena, Viena
Carretera · Innere Stadt · 10 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Vienna's Ringstraße is 5.2 kilometers long. Long enough to provide space for numerous monumental buildings. Leer más.

Escuela Española de Equitación is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

4. Escuela Española de Equitación

(Spanische Hofreitschule)
Michaeler Platz 1, Viena, Viena
Lugar histórico · Hofburg · 54 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The Spanish Riding School in Vienna with its famous Lipizzan ballet can be experienced live in the baroque ambiance of the Imperial Palace. Leer más.

Café Central is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

5. Café Central

Herrengasse 14 (Strauchg.), Viena, Viena
Café · Innere Stadt · 871 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: This legendary literati café which counted Arthur Schnitzler, Peter Altenberg and Adolf Loos among its regulars has a charm of its own that transforms a visit into an experience. Leer más.

6. Café Sacher

Philharmonikerstr. 4, Viena, Viena
Café · Innere Stadt · 1006 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Enjoy the authentic Viennese coffee house atmosphere with a slice of original Sachertorte and a cup of Sacher coffee. A magnificent winter garden frames uninterrupted views of the State Opera House. Leer más.

Café Sperl is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

7. Café Sperl

Gumpendorfer Str. 11 (Lehárgasse), Viena, Viena
Café · Mariahilf · 125 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Founded in 1880, Sperl is considered to be a classic synonym for Viennese coffeehouse culture. Leer más.

Augustinerkeller is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

8. Augustinerkeller

Augustinerstraße 1, Viena, Viena
Restaurante austríaco · Hofburg · 30 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Diners at one of the old city’s last surviving monastic cellars are spoilt for choice when it comes to Viennese cuisine (pork knuckle, roast chicken, Wiener Schnitzel). Leer más.

9. Österreicher im MAK

Stubenring 5, Viena, Viena
Restaurante austríaco · Kärntner Viertel · 23 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: “Viennese cuisine as it always used to be” is the watchword here. This restaurant remains true to the essence of Viennese cuisine, which is among the bestknown in the world. Leer más.

Zu den 3 Hacken is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

10. Zu den 3 Hacken

Singerstrasse 28, Viena, Viena
Restaurante austríaco · Kärntner Viertel · 27 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: A sophisticated bistro with top-class Viennese cuisine, where Franz Schubert loved to dine. The restaurant is well-known for the particularly good way it prepares offal. Leer más.

Zum Schwarzen Kameel is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

11. Zum Schwarzen Kameel

Bognergasse 5, Viena, Viena
Restaurante austríaco · Innere Stadt · 138 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: A Viennese institution with a long tradition and excellent quality. Countless artists and well-known personalities have been guests here. The restaurant focuses on fine Viennese tradition. Leer más.

Plachutta is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

12. Plachutta

Wollzeile 38, Viena, Viena
Restaurante austríaco · Kärntner Viertel · 628 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Vienna’s best-known luxury restaurant. The Tafelspitz is an absolute must – a tender joint of boiled beef that simply melts in the mouth. Leer más.

Museo de Historia del Arte de Viena is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

13. Museo de Historia del Arte de Viena

(Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien)
Maria-Theresien-Platz, Viena, Viena
Museo de arte · Innere Stadt · 229 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) was built in 1891 near the Imperial Palace to house the extensive collections of the imperial family. Leer más.

Albertina is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

14. Albertina

Albertinaplatz 1, Viena, Viena
Museo de arte · Hofburg · 288 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The Albertina not only has the largest and most valuable graphical collections in the world, with works such as Dürer’s “Hare” and Klimt's studies of women. Leer más.

Oberes Belvedere is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

15. Oberes Belvedere

Prinz-Eugen-Str. 27, Viena, Viena
Palacio · Landstraße · 279 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: See Gustav Klimt's legendary painting "The Kiss" as well as major works by Schiele and Kokoschka for yourself. You’ll be delighted by the magnificent ba-roque palace complex and its extensive gardens. Leer más.

MuseumsQuartier is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

16. MuseumsQuartier

Museumsplatz 1, Viena, Viena
Plaza · Museumsquartier · 259 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Vienna’s exciting art complex near the Imperial Palace offers not only renowned museums, a lively array of restaurants, cafés and bars make this museum district even more attractive. Leer más.

Wien Museum is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

17. Wien Museum

Maderstraße 2 (Karlsplatz), Viena, Viena
Museo histórico · Wieden · 31 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Here, the history of Vienna is documented, starting with the first settlements on the Danube right up to the present time. Leer más.

KUNST HAUS WIEN. Museum Hundertwasser is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

18. KUNST HAUS WIEN. Museum Hundertwasser

Untere Weißgerberstr. 13, Viena, Viena
Museo de arte · Landstraße · 74 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Colorful areas, irregular forms, many grown over with lush green plants: this is how painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928 - 2000) encouraged new impulses – and not only to Vienna’s architecture. Leer más.

Secession is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

19. Secession

Friedrichstr. 12, Viena, Viena
Museo de arte · Mariahilf · 47 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: In 1897 a number of Viennese artists broke their ties with the conservative Künstlerhaus and formed the new art association "Secession" and the motto, "To the Age, its Art. To Art, its Freedom."

Haus der Musik is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

20. Haus der Musik

Seilerstätte 30, Viena, Viena
Museo · Innere Stadt · 83 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Take yourself on a musical journey in Vienna's singular Museum of Sound and observe the great composers or look at the musical future of computer music. Leer más.

Haus des Meeres  - Aqua Terra Zoo is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

21. Haus des Meeres - Aqua Terra Zoo

Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz 1, Viena, Viena
Acuario · Mariahilf · 77 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The various departments of the House of the Sea present tropical fresh water and salt water fish as well as fish from the Mediterranean and Austrian lakes. Leer más.

Restaurant Leopold is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

22. Restaurant Leopold

Große Pfarrgasse 11 (bei Alexander-Poch-Platz), Viena, Viena
Restaurante · Leopoldstadt · 31 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Hip, urbane, modern: Visitors to the MuseumsQuartier enjoy Café Leopold and celebrate right into the night. Leer más.

23. Café Drechsler

Girardigasse 1, Viena, Viena
Café · Mariahilf · 72 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Café Drechsler on the Naschmarkt is open 23 hours a day - five days a week. Clubbers as well as market stallholders appreciate that fact. Leer más.

Kunsthalle Wien is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

24. Kunsthalle Wien

Treitlstraße 2, Viena, Viena
Museo de arte · Wieden · 29 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: A glass pavilion with room for art and a restaurant with a chic urban atmosphere presently stands were a museum was once temporarily housed in a container. Leer más.

Albertina Passage is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

25. Albertina Passage

Opernring (Operngasse), Viena, Viena
Club nocturno · Innere Stadt · 43 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The dinner club at the Vienna State Opera offers sophisticated cuisine and live jazz music in a futuristic ambience. Leer más.

Holy-Moly! is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

26. Holy-Moly!

Donaukanallände, Viena, Viena
Restaurante · Leopoldstadt · 15 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The Badeschiff on the Danube Canal is now also a new attraction for lovers of good cuisine. Leer más.

Motto am Fluss is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

27. Motto am Fluss

Schwedenplatz 2, Viena, Viena
Restaurante · Kärntner Viertel · 264 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The new venue “Motto am Fluss” lies right on the Danube Canal at Schwedenplatz like a racy speedboat. Host Bernd Schlacher has created an extensive gastronomic landscape here on two levels. Leer más.

Dachboden is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

28. Dachboden

Lerchenfelder Str. 1-3, Viena, Viena
Bar de hotel · St. Ulrich · 117 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The bar with a view of the city is the perfect summer location. The seats on the terrace are highly prized, while the ambience inside is that of a circus. Leer más.

Loos American Bar is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

29. Loos American Bar

Kärntner Durchgang 10, Viena, Viena
Bar de cócteles · Kärntner Viertel · 75 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: A sophisticated bar for people-watching and chilling out, just as popular now as it was then. Leer más.

SKY is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

30. SKY

Kärntner Str. 19, Viena, Viena
Bar de cócteles · Kärntner Viertel · 155 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Located on the top floor of the Steffl department store, the Sky Bar offers an excellent panorama over the old center of the city, St. Charles Church, the Giant Ferris Wheel, & many other attractions Leer más.

Pratersauna is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

31. Pratersauna

Waldsteingartenstr. 135, Viena, Viena
Club nocturno · Konstantinhügel · 51 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: A former sauna in Vienna’s Prater has rapidly developed into one of the city’s most prominent clubs. Techno and Electro are the mainstays of this stylish and original location. Leer más.

Flex is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

32. Flex

Augartenbrücke 1 (Schottenring), Viena, Viena
Club nocturno · Innere Stadt · 49 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The Flex is one of the most modern clubs in Europe. Whether you’re looking for guitars or rich beats, you’ll find what you’re after here. Leer más.

fluc is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

33. fluc

Praterstern 5, Viena, Viena
Club nocturno · Leopoldstadt · 25 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Located directly on Praterstern, the Fluc has been the main driving force behind the renaissance of nightlife in Vienna’s second district. Leer más.

Grelle Forelle <>< is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

34. Grelle Forelle <><

Spittelauer Lände 12, Viena, Viena
Club nocturno · Alsergrund · 39 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The new club for electronic music brings a breath of fresh air to the Danube Canal. Leer más.

Badeschiff is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

35. Badeschiff

Uraniabrücke (Franz-Josefs-Kai), Viena, Viena
Club nocturno · Kärntner Viertel · 30 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The Badeschiff is moored on the Danube Canal and entices you on board with a highly varied program. Leer más.

Chelsea is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

36. Chelsea

Lerchenfeldergürtel 29-31, Viena, Viena
Club de rock · Josefstadt · 38 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The founding club on Vienna’s Gürtel is primarily devoted to British guitar music and football broadcasts – both live, where possible. Well established DJ evenings complete the program. Leer más.

OST Klub is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

37. OST Klub

Schwarzenbergplatz 10/1, Viena, Viena
Club nocturno · Wieden · 17 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: A small musical travel agency that connects to the historical role of Vienna as a world metropolis and centre of a multi-ethnic state: the Ost Klub. Leer más.

Arena is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

38. Arena

Baumgasse 80, Viena, Viena
Lugar de música · Sankt Marx · 33 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The Arena in Vienna Erberg is a fixed point in Vienna’s event scene and a site of subcultural history. Punk bands, trendy pop groups, music legends and Drum’n’Bass DJs appear here, one after the other Leer más.

Donauinsel - Höhe Brigittenauer Brücke is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

39. Donauinsel - Höhe Brigittenauer Brücke

Brigittenauer Brücke, Viena, Viena
Isla · Brigittenau · 7 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Bathing, boating, cycling, skating, beach volleyball – or treating yourself to a picnic as a rest from sightseeing: A visit to the Danube Island promises fun, action & relaxation for the entire family Leer más.

Volksprater | Wurstelprater is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

40. Volksprater | Wurstelprater

Prater 7 (Austellungsstr.), Viena, Viena
Parque temático · Konstantinhügel · 161 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The Prater covers six million square meters. Although it is located only three linear kilometers from St. Stephen's Cathedral, nature is thriving in this area. Leer más.

Stadtpark is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

41. Stadtpark

Parkring (Am Stadtpark), Viena, Viena
Parque · Kärntner Viertel · 156 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: If you are looking for the ideal place for a souvenir photo, then Vienna's Stadtpark is the spot - at the foot of the golden Johann Strauß memorial, one of the world's most photographed monuments. Leer más.

Volksgarten is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

42. Volksgarten

Doktor-Karl-Renner-Ring (Heldenplatz), Viena, Viena
Parque · Schottenviertel · 73 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Once it was the private garden of Emperor Franz Joseph I., now it is a nice place to relax after sightseeing. If you are a fan of the Empress Sisi, you should not miss the Sisi Monument!

Ópera Estatal de Viena is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

43. Ópera Estatal de Viena

(Wiener Staatsoper)
Opernring 2, Viena, Viena
Teatro de ópera · Innere Stadt · 310 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: This famous stage offers a different program every day, with over 50 operas and ballet works on around 300 days per season and once a year the famous "Opernball" Leer más.

Musikverein is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

44. Musikverein

Bösendorferstr. 12, Viena, Viena
Sala de conciertos · Innere Stadt · 57 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The concert hall contains the world-famous Golden Hall, in which the Wiener Philharmoniker celebrate the New Year's Concert every year. Leer más.

Wiener Konzerthaus is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

45. Wiener Konzerthaus

Lothringerstraße 20, Viena, Viena
Sala de conciertos · Landstraße · 34 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Its musical scope is not limited to the classical repertoire but ranges from the Middle Ages to the most progressive sounds of the present time. Leer más.

Theater an der Wien is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

46. Theater an der Wien

Linke Wienzeile 6, Viena, Viena
Teatro · Mariahilf · 13 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Roughly one premiere every month is offered by the opera house. Leer más.

Ronacher Theater is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

47. Ronacher Theater

Seilerstätte 9, Viena, Viena
Teatro · Kärntner Viertel · 10 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: One of the most important musical venues in Vienna, on September 5 they will show "Elisabeth" again. Leer más.

Burgtheater is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

48. Burgtheater

Universitätsring 2, Viena, Viena
Teatro · Schottenviertel · 26 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Ever since 1776, when Emperor Joseph II founded the Court and National Theater, the institution has held a leading position in the dramatic arts of the German-speaking countries. Leer más.

Volkstheater is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

49. Volkstheater

Neustiftgasse 1, Viena, Viena
Teatro · Museumsquartier · 11 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The Volkstheater opened in 1889 as a “civic counterpart” to the present-day Burgtheater. Nowadays, the repertoire includes Austrian as well as German and international classics, comedies or musicals. Leer más.

Naschmarkt is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

50. Naschmarkt

Wienzeile, Viena, Viena
Mercado · Wieden · 261 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: 120 market stands and restaurants are offering culinary delights ranging from Viennese to Indian, from Vietnamese to Italian. The Naschmarkt has developed into a meeting point for young and old. Leer más.

Brunnenmarkt is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

51. Brunnenmarkt

Brunnengasse (Yppenplatz), Viena, Viena
Mercado · Neulerchenfeld · 27 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: A little further from the city centre, it is with it's more than 170 market stalls Vienna’s largest street market. Leer más.

Cementerio central de Viena is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

52. Cementerio central de Viena

Simmeringer Hauptstr. 234, Viena, Viena
Cementerio · Simmering · 21 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: The Central Cemetery, with an area of about 495 acres, was opened in 1874. Many graves of famous people can be seen there, eg Beethoven, Johann Strauss / & II, Brahms, Bruno Kreisky, Arnold Schönberg Leer más.

53. Stilwerk

Praterstraße 1, Viena, Viena
Tienda de muebles/artículos para el hogar · Leopoldstadt · 7 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: A new building by star architect Jean Nouvel has opened its doors at the Danube Canal. Inside is the Stilwerk design center, with around 30 shops, as well as two restaurants and a hotel. Leer más.

UNIQA Tower is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

54. UNIQA Tower

Untere Donaustr. 21, Viena, Viena
Oficina · Leopoldstadt · 10 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Office building with an impressing glass facade, especially at night when it glows.

Donauturm is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

55. Donauturm

Donauturmstr. 4, Viena, Viena
Mirador paisajístico · Kaisermühlen · 79 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: 826 feet high, with two express elevators taking you to the rotating restaurant for a splendid view (at 564 feet) within 45 seconds. Leer más.

Wiener Riesenrad is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

56. Wiener Riesenrad

Riesenradplatz 1, Viena, Viena
Juego/atracción en parque temático · Konstantinhügel · 114 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: You may want to visit this landmark of Vienna in the footsteps of the immortal movie “The Third Man” or simply enjoy the view of the city from almost 200 feet up. Leer más.

Karlskirche is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

57. Karlskirche

Kreuzherrengasse 1, Viena, Viena
Iglesia · Wieden · 64 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: A magnificent religious building with a large cupola: St. Charles' Church, the last work of the eminent baroque architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach. Leer más.

Catedral de San Esteban is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

58. Catedral de San Esteban

Stephansplatz 3, Viena, Viena
Iglesia · Kärntner Viertel · 332 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: St. Stephen's Cathedral, the heart of Vienna and Austria's most eminent Gothic edifice, houses a wealth of art treasures. Leer más.

Gartenbaukino is one of Vienna Highlights #4sqCities.

59. Gartenbaukino

Parkring 12 (Liebenberggasse), Viena, Viena
Cine independiente · Kärntner Viertel · 32 tips y reseñas

ViennaInfoViennaInfo: Built in the early 60ies the Gartenbau is one of the last "programm cinemas" in Vienna and one of the main venues of the yearly film festival Viennale.