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Japan Highlights
Gogyo is one of Japan Highlights.

1. Gogyo

(西麻布 五行)
西麻布1-4-36 (ロジマン西麻布 1F), Tokio, 東京都
Restaurante de ramen · 西麻布 · 73 tips y reseñas

Leo C.Leo C.: You're here for the signature black ramen. You'll see flames periodically shoot up in the kitchen as they flambé the soup before serving. Be careful, the noodle and soup are REALLY HOT temperature.

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT is one of Japan Highlights.


赤坂9-7-6 (東京ミッドタウン ガーデン内), Tokio, 東京都
Galería de arte · 赤坂 · 56 tips y reseñas

Surface MagazineSurface Magazine: Fashion icon Issey Miyake is the founder of this experimental design think tank with a sloping, steel-plated roof designed by Tadao Ando, inspired by Miyake’s “piece of cloth” sartorial philosophy. Leer más.

Tousuiro is one of Japan Highlights.

3. Tousuiro

(豆水楼 木屋町本店)
上大阪町517-3 (木屋町通三条上ル), 中京区, 京都府
Restaurante japonés · 10 tips y reseñas

Sam G.Sam Grossberg: Get a table outside by the river. Forget your preconception of tofu; none of the delicious 10 course Kaiseki will resemble this.

efish is one of Japan Highlights.

4. efish

下京区西橋詰町798-1 (木屋町通五条下ル), Kioto, 京都府
Café · 90 tips y reseñas

katie w.katie we: the coffee was delicious, as well as the cake of the day. the atmosphere and seating is absolutely beautiful with a view on kamo river.

L'Escamoteur is one of Japan Highlights.

5. L'Escamoteur

下京区斎藤町138-9 (西石垣通四条下ル), Kioto, 京都府
Bar de cócteles · 33 tips y reseñas

6. Kiyomizu-dera Temple

東山区清水1-294, Kioto, 京都府
Templo budista · 240 tips y reseñas

Maxim F.Maxim Fedotov: Must see temple. View is simply breathtaking.

Fushimi Inari Taisha is one of Japan Highlights.

7. Fushimi Inari Taisha

伏見区深草藪之内町68, Kioto, 京都府
Santuario · 341 tips y reseñas

Sam G.Sam Grossberg: Go early to beat the crowd. Wander off on the forests trails at any point for total solitude and small hidden shrines!

Himeji Castle is one of Japan Highlights.

8. Himeji Castle

本町68, 姫路市, 兵庫県
Castillo · 姫路市 · 93 tips y reseñas

Sam G.Sam Grossberg: Giant wooden castles were all the rage in 17th century Japan, and this one is the biggest. Great view from the 7th (top) floor!

Chichu Art Museum is one of Japan Highlights.

9. Chichu Art Museum

3449-1, 直島町, 香川県
Museo de arte · 71 tips y reseñas

Dan R.Dan Roberts: Tadao Ando designed museum with four exhibits, including Monet water lilies. The exhibits are actually all underground to let in natural light from above. A relaxed and focused integrated experience.

10. Udon Yamacho

(うどん 山長)
恵比寿1-1-5 (恵比寿オークビル 1F), Tokio, 東京都
Restaurante de Udon · 恵比寿 · 89 tips y reseñas

Sam G.Sam Grossberg: Really great udon. The roast duck udon might have been my best meal in Japan.

Liquor Shop NIGHT OWL is one of Japan Highlights.

11. Liquor Shop NIGHT OWL

恵比寿1-8-3 (リバストーンハイム 1F), Tokio, 東京都
Tienda de Cerveza · 恵比寿 · 3 tips y reseñas

Sam G.Sam Grossberg: Cute tiny bar with good craft beer and wine on tap.

Seirinkan is one of Japan Highlights.

12. Seirinkan

上目黒2-6-4, Tokio, 東京都
Pizzería · 上目黒 · 52 tips y reseñas

Brandon P.Brandon Perlman: Apparently his is Anthony Bourdain's favorite pizza place in the world. Get both pies AND the broccoli

Aria Hotel Alpine Route is one of Japan Highlights.

13. Aria Hotel Alpine Route

(信州大町温泉 アーリアホテル アルペンルート)
Hotel · 1 tip

Sam G.Sam Grossberg: Great cheap hotel to stay at before/after entering the Kurobe Tateyama Alpine Route. Japanese style room had very comfortable beds and a view of the mountains. Amazing staff.

Nakabusa Onsen is one of Japan Highlights.

14. Nakabusa Onsen

穂高有明7226, 長野県
Terma · 7 tips y reseñas

Sam G.Sam Grossberg: Accessible by bus from Hotaka station. Great entry or exit point for backpacking in the Japan Alps. Follow the path behind the hotel to a beautiful moonlit Onsen.