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陳雄暉 弟兄

陳雄暉 弟兄

involuntary second-hand smoker

Brooklyn, NY
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Central Valley
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陳雄暉 弟兄
6 lugares actualizados Agosto 1, 2018
6 lugares incluyendo The Wayland, Freemans, Tokyo Record Bar, Creative Edge Parties
陳雄暉 弟兄
6 lugares actualizados Septiembre 19, 2017
6 lugares incluyendo Marseille, Le Monde, Nice Matin, French Roast
陳雄暉 弟兄
4 lugares actualizados Julio 24, 2015
4 lugares incluyendo Nitehawk Cinema, NYU Institute of Fine Arts, Basketball City @ Pier 36, Crack Is Wack Playground
陳雄暉 弟兄
6 lugares actualizados Diciembre 9, 2016
6 lugares incluyendo Fette Sau, Huckleberry's Restaurant & Tavern, Casa Enrique, Ichi Umi
陳雄暉 弟兄
18 lugares actualizados Noviembre 23, 2018
18 lugares incluyendo Quality Meats, Root & Bone, Pies 'n' Thighs, Good 'N Plenty Restaurant
陳雄暉 弟兄
52 lugares actualizados
52 lugares incluyendo Taïm, Koronet Pizza, Don Chingon, Cote
    "This place looks fresh! 30k sqft of non-antibiotic, hormone-free, no-nitrate food goodness. I feel 'whole' again. 🍊🥑🥝🍉🥐🥦🍞🥩🌾🌱💐"
    陳雄暉 弟兄陳雄暉 弟兄 · Febrero 1, 2018
    Tienda de comestibles
    · Brooklyn, Estados Unidos
    "Unfortunately, if you're traveling with a tour group, you will not see much or go far. You'll only see one section of the palace. You'll need at least a whole day to see everything. Get here early!"
    陳雄暉 弟兄陳雄暉 弟兄 · Septiembre 15, 2017
    Lugar histórico
    · Pekín, China
    "Their (Peking) Roast Duck is a no-brainer. Stay away from the supposedly 'fresh' seafood. Spicy saucy chicken was tasty."
    陳雄暉 弟兄陳雄暉 弟兄 · Septiembre 15, 2017
    · Pekín, China
    "For a zoo that's barely five years old, it's poorly maintained. Worse, animals are treated like livestock. A good one day trip if you start in the morning. Bring your own food. 🐒🐺🦁🐯🦌🐫🦏🐘"
    陳雄暉 弟兄陳雄暉 弟兄 · Septiembre 5, 2017
    Exhibición en zoológico
    · 温州市, China
    "What's more frightening? The Japan-Am fusion food or the creative license the Western waiters use in perpetuating Ninja stereotypes? That's right. I used the N-word. You're really here for the Ninjas."
    陳雄暉 弟兄陳雄暉 弟兄 · Julio 28, 2017
    Restaurante temático
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos
    "It's like a Smorgasburg underground. There's something special for everyone when everyone is a special someone. You will walk out 10lbs. heavier and much lighter on the wallet.🍔🌯🥙🌮🌭🍲🥗🍜🍺☕"
    陳雄暉 弟兄陳雄暉 弟兄 · Junio 17, 2017
    Patio de comidas
    · Brooklyn, Estados Unidos