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Kevin Slavin

Kevin Slavin


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Kevin Slavin
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1 lugar incluyendo Moss Café: Farm-To-Table Restaurant and Coffee Shop
Kevin Slavin
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Kevin Slavin
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Kevin Slavin
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Kevin Slavin
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Kevin Slavin
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1 lugar incluyendo Hiko Sushi
    "Whatever it is you seek, it will be easier to get it anywhere else"
    Kevin SlavinKevin Slavin · Diciembre 6, 2021
    · Bronx, Estados Unidos
    "Be advised that bringing an EV here for service is treated as an exotic request that requires an unknown period of time (days, not hours) before someone can look at your vehicle. Plan accordingly."
    Kevin SlavinKevin Slavin · Julio 15, 2021
    · Yonkers, Estados Unidos
    "Don’t know what the strategy is to beat amazon but staffing a store with people that know nothing about the store or it’s products is not the answer."
    Kevin SlavinKevin Slavin · Febrero 24, 2019
    · Bronx, Estados Unidos
    "I love dogs and dog parks but for ppl (like my friend) made anxious by big dogs running free: the common, banned, but unenforced practice of bringing off-leash dogs make this a no-go for many people"
    Kevin SlavinKevin Slavin · Septiembre 23, 2018
    Zona de juegos
    · Bronx, Estados Unidos
    "LEAVE YOURSELF ABSURD TIME FOR CHECKIN. The airport is inexplicably understaffed, w/atrocious wayfinding, and awful system integrations so you’ll run across terminals trying to find the right machine"
    Kevin SlavinKevin Slavin · Septiembre 9, 2018
    Estación de tren
    · Kastrup, Dinamarca
    "Be prepared to wait to sit but also: don't wait for a menu... It won't arrive. Go to the back window and wait to order there. It's all cool because here you are in lovely Maine, but sheesh."
    Kevin SlavinKevin Slavin · Octubre 27, 2013
    · Camden, Estados Unidos