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Michelle Zhu

Michelle Zhu


Bangkok, Thailand
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Phaya Thai
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1 Lista creada
Koh Tao
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Sam Roi Yot
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Pom Prap Sattru Phai
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Pathum Wan
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Michelle Zhu
5 lugares actualizados Septiembre 29, 2019
5 lugares incluyendo 兴隆台湾面馆 Heng Long Taiwan Mee, Kapten Pisang, Calanthe Art Cafe, SAMFU Restaurant
Michelle Zhu
1 lugares actualizados Junio 16, 2019
1 lugar incluyendo Zahr El-Laymoun
Michelle Zhu
4 lugares actualizados Marzo 23, 2019
4 lugares incluyendo C.A.P, Rock S Presso & Bistro, Latte' Coffee House, Porn's Restaurant
Michelle Zhu
2 lugares actualizados Febrero 18, 2019
2 lugares incluyendo ขนมจีนต้นก้ามปู, ส.ราชา หมูย่างเกาหลี
Michelle Zhu
1 lugares actualizados Diciembre 14, 2018
1 lugar incluyendo Xiangshan Hiking Trail
Michelle Zhu
3 lugares actualizados Enero 20, 2018
3 lugares incluyendo Peperoni Pizzeria, Dian Xiao Er 店小二, Sin Ming Roti Prata (Faisal & Aziz Curry Muslim Food)
    "Loved all new facilities and variety of classes!"
    Michelle ZhuMichelle Zhu · Mayo 18, 2017
    · ปทุมวัน, Tailandia
    "Bill error, unfresh fish, so so food, hiiigh price, confused service. Restaurautation is a hard professional but maybe some is not ready. For service especially, impressed by the inefficiency ever!"
    Michelle ZhuMichelle Zhu · Abril 1, 2016
    · คลองเตย, Tailandia
    "Our favorite weekday restaurant - we came here 2-3 times per week, it is like our kitchen, so cheap, simple but delicious food! We 100% recommend. The flower deco there changes all the time too nice!"
    Michelle ZhuMichelle Zhu · Abril 1, 2016
    Som tum
    · พญาไท, Tailandia
    "So sorry for Salt, it had its glory and was good before, but now we will never go back again! The cocktail guy left and now, even for signature cocktail no recommend! Unfresh and not tasty food too"
    Michelle ZhuMichelle Zhu · Abril 1, 2016
    · พญาไท, Tailandia
    "The restaurant does not serve fresh food!!?"
    Michelle ZhuMichelle Zhu · Enero 2, 2016
    Centro turístico
    · เกาะเต่า, Tailandia
    "The original one in Paris 5eme is much better, the touch, the quality and things all changed here! Was happy for its opening now real disappointed btw fougasse overbooked but cuttable"
    Michelle ZhuMichelle Zhu · Mayo 1, 2015
    · วัฒนา, Tailandia