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Leo Koo

Leo Koo


Hey there! I'm a tech junkie and help people with tech stuff on TechGarage.my and WPStarters.com

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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Las mejores ciudades de Leo
Petaling Jaya
6 Listas creadas · 30 Tips
Kuala Lumpur
5 Listas creadas · 2 Tips
Shah Alam
4 Listas creadas
Tanah Rata
1 Lista creada · 1 Tip
2 Tips
1 Lista creada
Kuala Selangor
1 Lista creada
1 Lista creada
Johor Bahru
1 Tip
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Listas recientes de Leo
Leo Koo
1 lugares actualizados Enero 27, 2018
1 lugar incluyendo Burger Junkyard
Leo Koo
26 lugares actualizados Abril 17, 2018
26 lugares incluyendo Top Catch Fisheries, Paramount Garden Restaurant (新的天地茶室), Famous Seremban Favorites Restaurant, Sing Pao Dim Sum 新包点心店
Leo Koo
6 lugares actualizados Septiembre 13, 2017
6 lugares incluyendo Shakti Chelo's Appam Stall, Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery, Gerai Minum Weng Kee, Best Vadai Ss15
Leo Koo
13 lugares actualizados Mayo 1, 2017
13 lugares incluyendo Hilltop @ Boh Tea Factory, Cameron Valley Tea House, Singh chapati, Capitale Coffee
Leo Koo
49 lugares actualizados Abril 30, 2018
49 lugares incluyendo Foremula Cafe, Chaiwalla & Co., The HUB, One Half
Leo Koo
9 lugares actualizados Enero 27, 2018
9 lugares incluyendo Bakar, Top Catch Fisheries, The Fat Fish, CWZJ Cuisine (茶王之家)
    Tips recientes de Leo
    "Rude Manager - I ordered my food and asked for the menu. When I couldn't find something I wanted to drink, I ordered water and got a sarcastic remark from him. Not like we didn't order food or drinks"
    Leo KooLeo Koo · Julio 7, 2018
    · George Town, Malasia
    "The Siew Yoke is made differently, but still nice!"
    Leo KooLeo Koo · Mayo 9, 2018
    · Petaling Jaya, Malasia
    "Food quality has dropped. Fried rice and hokkien mee are tasteless and bland. Salted egg sotong looks like salted egg paste with tiny bits of sotong. Stay away!"
    Leo KooLeo Koo · Mayo 4, 2018
    "Nothing is good here. The drinks are watered down sugary stuff that's more sugar than anything, while food is extremely mediocre. Stay away and go to Family Mart instead. 2/10."
    Leo KooLeo Koo · Marzo 30, 2018
    · Petaling Jaya, Malasia
    "The pies are a little too sweet for me, though the coffee is good. Tastes a little burnt though"
    Leo KooLeo Koo · Febrero 11, 2018
    Tienda de pasteles
    · Petaling Jaya, Malasia
    "Drinks are slightly on the smaller side while the pies are a little too sweet for my liking :("
    Leo KooLeo Koo · Febrero 11, 2018
    Tienda de pasteles
    · Petaling Jaya, Malasia