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Harley Acres

Harley Acres

I've lived in the Southern US and Japan and love art, manga, and anime.

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  • Colorado Springs
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  • Gadsden
  • Biloxi
  • Tokyo
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Colorado Springs
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6 Listas creadas · 24 Tips
6 Listas creadas · 18 Tips
9 Listas creadas · 13 Tips
3 Listas creadas · 16 Tips
New York
6 Listas creadas · 11 Tips
5 Listas creadas · 9 Tips
3 Listas creadas · 9 Tips
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Harley Acres
18 lugares actualizados Mayo 23, 2013
These are the restaurants owned by the Iron Chefs who specialized in Japanese, French, Chinese and Italian cuisine.
Harley Acres
103 lugares actualizados Julio 5, 2018
Toys appear in the strangest places all around the world, sometimes they venture far from the shelves of toy stores and roam away from the closets of their homes.
Harley Acres
123 lugares actualizados Junio 9, 2015
世界中からマンガやアニメの面白い画像。Interesting images of manga and anime from all over the world.
Harley Acres
9 lugares actualizados Agosto 29, 2013
This is a list of locations from around the world that are currently embroiled in territorial disputes between various countries.
Harley Acres
99 lugares actualizados Septiembre 11, 2019
I filled the first list with 200 of the worst places around the world, and now it's time to find another list full of awful spots. Read these hilariously bad reviews, then venues have even more!
Harley Acres
200 lugares actualizados Julio 26, 2014
世界中からマンガやアニメの面白い画像。Interesting images of manga and anime from all over the world.
    Tips recientes de Harley
    "Came for the Final Fantasy Tidus & Yuna Elixir promotion, they knew what it was but didn’t have the sticker! Told me after I paid $7 for the drink."
    Harley AcresHarley Acres · Marzo 31
    Té de burbujas
    · Colorado Springs, Estados Unidos
    "Good salads you can custom make. Large portions. Service can be iffy at times."
    Harley AcresHarley Acres · Enero 26
    · Colorado Springs, Estados Unidos
    "Interior design, car towing/wrecker service and lamp repair!"
    Harley AcresHarley Acres · Diciembre 18, 2018
    · Gadsden, Estados Unidos
    "Very good poboy and fries. Large portions and a nice atmosphere."
    Harley AcresHarley Acres · Noviembre 30, 2018
    · Houston, Estados Unidos
    "Really wanted a salad bar but the options are limited. 4 dressings and maybe 6 ingredients. Only salad bar in town though."
    Harley AcresHarley Acres · Octubre 12, 2018
    · Colorado Springs, Estados Unidos
    "Con job. Advertised gas prices aren’t what you pay at the pump. Those are “cash” prices. .20 more if you pay at pump per gallon."
    Harley AcresHarley Acres · Agosto 16, 2018
    Estación de servicio
    · Limon, Estados Unidos