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Bouillon Bilk is one of Montreal.

1. Bouillon Bilk

1595, boul. Saint-Laurent (entre De Maisonneuve & Ontario), Montreal, QC
Restaurante · Ville-Marie · 102 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Best meal I've had in quite some time. Not just great quality but creative dishes. Make sure you go here.

Atwater Cocktail Club is one of Montreal.

2. Atwater Cocktail Club

512 Atwater Ave (Notre-Dame), Montreal, QC
Bar clandestino · Le Sud-Ouest · 23 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Probably one of the cooler and true-to-theme speakeasys I've been too around the world. Make going here a priority.

Damas is one of Montreal.

3. Damas

1201 Van Horne, Montreal, QC
Restaurante mediterráneo · Outremont · 63 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Their sterling reputation is well warranted. Excellent food in a cool setting. Quite expensive, though.

A/Maze Escape Game is one of Montreal.

4. A/Maze Escape Game

3550 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montreal, QC
Escape Room · Le Sud-Ouest · 3 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: I've only done one other but I feel like these are really well done and fun. I full intend to go back and try some of the other puzzles.

Le Vin Papillon is one of Montreal.

5. Le Vin Papillon

2519 Notre-Dame O, Montreal, QC
Bar de vinos · Le Sud-Ouest · 43 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Excellent and creative dishes in a packed venue that doesn't take reservations. Well worth checking out.

Hurley's Irish Pub is one of Montreal.

6. Hurley's Irish Pub

1225 rue Crescent (btwn René-Lévesque O & Sainte-Catherine O), Montreal, QC
Pub irlandés · Ville-Marie · 70 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Packed, dimly lit, worn, and with great music. Everything you'd want in an Irish Pub.

Basilique Notre-Dame is one of Montreal.

7. Basilique Notre-Dame

110, rue Notre-Dame Ouest (coin St-Sulpice), Montreal, QC
Iglesia · Vieux-Montréal · 153 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: I'd call this the chief tourist attraction of Montreal. We went and saw the Aura light show which was really well done. Well worth the money.

Burgundy Lion is one of Montreal.

8. Burgundy Lion

2496, rue Notre-Dame Ouest (entre Charlevoix & Vinet), Montreal, QC
Gastropub · Le Sud-Ouest · 166 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Nice setting and over 700 whiskeys to choose from, what more could one want!?

Pub Saint Pierre is one of Montreal.

9. Pub Saint Pierre

410 Rue Saint-Pierre, Montreal, QC
Pub · Vieux-Montréal · 3 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: I'm surprised this place doesn't have better marks. Nice setting, friendly staff, and we had some great apps here too.

Cadet is one of Montreal.

10. Cadet

1431, boul. Saint-Laurent (entre De Maisonneuve & Ste-Catherine), Montreal, QC
Restaurante · Ville-Marie · 27 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Excellent tapas style small plates in a chic setting. Home of the best steak tartare that I've ever had.

Dominion Square Tavern is one of Montreal.

11. Dominion Square Tavern

1243 rue Metcalfe (entre Ste-Catherine & René-Lévesque), Montreal, QC
Gastropub · Ville-Marie · 157 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Really nice setting, reminds me of Christmas at any time of year for some reason. Good food, good drinks, good location. Worth a visit.

Pizzeria Geppetto is one of Montreal.

12. Pizzeria Geppetto

2504 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC
Pizzería · Le Sud-Ouest · 37 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Really quaint neighborhood Italian joint with solid food.

Burger Bar Crescent is one of Montreal.

13. Burger Bar Crescent

1465 rue Crescent (coin De Maisonneuve), Montreal, QC
Hamburguesería · Ville-Marie · 111 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Not far from each other we have the exact opposite of La Panthere Verte. This is more my speed, extremely good burgers accompanied by good music and a nice setting.

Gibby's is one of Montreal.

14. Gibby's

298 place d'Youville, Montreal, QC
Steakhouse · Vieux-Montréal · 56 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Really good meal. But, despite the free pickles, doesn't compete with some of my favorite steakhouses back in The States.

Resto-Café Quoi de N'Oeuf is one of Montreal.

15. Resto-Café Quoi de N'Oeuf

2745, Notre-Dame Ouest (avenue Atwater), Montreal, QC
Café · Le Sud-Ouest · 37 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: I am sad and confused to see that this place doesn't have better marks. I had probably the best skillet of my life here and fully intend on making it one of my breakfast staples.

Bar Le LAB - Quartier des Spectacles is one of Montreal.

16. Bar Le LAB - Quartier des Spectacles

279, rue Sainte-Catherine Est (coin Sanguinet), Montreal, QC
Bar de cócteles · Ville-Marie · 6 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Elaborate cocktails that are as good as one would expect. Limited food offerings but those they do have are also well above average.

La Société Bistro is one of Montreal.

17. La Société Bistro

1415 Rue De La Montagne, Montreal, QC
Restaurante francés · Ville-Marie · 25 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Prohibition style French restaurant in the Loews hotel. Great attention to detail on the cocktails and excellent, but limited, food offerings.

L'Express is one of Montreal.

18. L'Express

3927, rue Saint-Denis (entre Duluth & Roy), Montreal, QC
Restaurante francés · Plateau-Mont-Royal · 147 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Really lovely place. Superlative food in a setting that's upscale but still maintains some classic charm. A might bit pricey but not painful by any means.

Time Out Market Montréal is one of Montreal.

19. Time Out Market Montréal

705 rue Sainte-Catherine O, Montreal, QC
Restaurante · Ville-Marie · 14 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Just like it's counterparts elsewhere with a great collection of food and drink in a neat space. Recommended.

Pub BreWskey is one of Montreal.

20. Pub BreWskey

380, rue Saint-Paul Est (coin Bonsecours), Montreal, QC
Pub · Vieux-Montréal · 30 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Cool brewery with a few different rooms and vibes, one of which looks right out at the river. Worth stopping in since you'll inevitably be in the area.

Le Mal Nécessaire is one of Montreal.

21. Le Mal Nécessaire

1106B, boul. Saint-Laurent (coin René-Lévesque), Montreal, QC
Bar de cócteles · Ville-Marie · 56 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: I don't really get this tiki bar trend that seems to be taking off everywhere. That being said this was a cool places and their drinks were impressive.

Crew Collective & Cafe is one of Montreal.

22. Crew Collective & Cafe

360 Saint Jacques, Montreal, QC
Café · Vieux-Montréal · 132 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: I'm a little mixed on this space. On the one hand the big, open, former bank is gorgeous. On the other hand, it's such a massive space that it can feel a little cold.

La Panthère Verte is one of Montreal.

23. La Panthère Verte

2153 MacKay St (de Maisonneuve Blvd West), Montreal, QC
Restaurante vegetariano/vegano · Ville-Marie · 69 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: I don't normally go in for the whole vegan thing, but I really enjoyed my lunch at this place. I'll be back.

Firegrill is one of Montreal.

24. Firegrill

1490 rue Stanley (coin de Maisonneuve), Montreal, QC
Steakhouse · Ville-Marie · 28 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Stopped in for some prime rib. Good mid-pack offering on that front, not the best I've had but not the worst. Place overall is nice but too brightly lit for my tastes.

Nespresso Boutique-Bar is one of Montreal.

25. Nespresso Boutique-Bar

2045 rue Crescent (entre De Maisonneuve & Sherbrooke), Montreal, QC
Cafetería · Ville-Marie · 36 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Nespresso is kind of a weird cult. ...and I'm afraid it's taking me.

Grande Roue de Montréal is one of Montreal.

26. Grande Roue de Montréal

Rue du Quai de l‘Horloge (Rue de la Commune Est), Montreal, QC
Juego/atracción en parque temático · Vieux-Montréal · 16 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: I don't know that I'd wait in a line for it, but we walked right up and got on. It does provide a nice view of the area and is good for snapping some photos.

Starbucks is one of Montreal.

27. Starbucks

2440-2444 Notre-Dame Ouest (coin Vinet), Montreal, QC
Cafetería · Le Sud-Ouest · 28 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Starbucks is starbucks the world round. This one is spacious and has ample seating.

Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur is one of Montreal.

28. Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur

3632 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montreal, QC
Café · Le Sud-Ouest · 12 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Cute neighborhood coffee shop. I was underwhelmed by my coffee and croissant but it's got a nice vibe.

Andie's Barbershop is one of Montreal.

29. Andie's Barbershop

1245, rue Metcalfe (Rue Sainte-Catherine Est), Montreal, QC
Peluquería · Ville-Marie · 6 tips y reseñas

Ben E.Ben Engen: Just come in and take a number, they move fast, good value for a quick cut.

The Force Academy - DodgeBow is one of Montreal.

30. The Force Academy - DodgeBow

Centro de recreación · Le Sud-Ouest · 1 tip
Cineplex Cinemas is one of Montreal.

31. Cineplex Cinemas

2313 Sainte-Catherine St. West (Coin Atwater), Montreal, QC
Cine · Ville-Marie · 62 tips y reseñas