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JL Johnson @User47

JL Johnson @User47


Biz Advisor @ a Fortune 500. Airline Reporter Correspondent. ❤️ my kiddo, ✈️, Twitter (@User47) #planespotting 'n WN

Lees Summit, MO · Superuser icon?Superusuario Nivel 3
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  • Lee's Summit
  • Kansas City, Platte County, MO, United States
  • Independence, Jackson County, MO, United States
  • San Antonio
  • Overland Park
  • Chicago
  • Nashville
  • Wichita
  • Phoenix
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Lee's Summit
1 Lista creada · 76 Tips
Kansas City, Platte County, MO, United States
1 Lista creada · 22 Tips
Independence, Jackson County, MO, United States
22 Tips
San Antonio
1 Lista creada · 14 Tips
Overland Park
11 Tips
1 Lista creada · 6 Tips
1 Lista creada · 5 Tips
1 Lista creada · 4 Tips
1 Lista creada · 4 Tips
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JL Johnson @User47
85 lugares actualizados Octubre 27, 2019
If you're into plane spotting, airports and whatnot, this list is for you. Featuring some of the best aviation geek tips and spots from across the US, curated by the mastermind behind aviationgeek.net
JL Johnson @User47
38 lugares actualizados
38 lugares incluyendo Historic 1920S Airmail Arrow, Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU), Southern Aircraft Watching/Spotting Area, Yankee Air Museum
JL Johnson @User47
128 lugares actualizados
128 lugares incluyendo The Egg & I Restaurants, Primanti Bros., The Bean Yard, Historic 1920S Airmail Arrow
    "We were lucky to find what we believed to be a local vegetarian-friendly sandwich shop, on a Sunday. Everything else was closed. Turns out it’s a franchise. The food was OK, but forgettable. MEH"
    JL Johnson @User47JL Johnson @User47 · hace 3 semanas
    Delicatessen/Tienda de comestibles
    · Lehi, Estados Unidos
    "This arrow was laid in the 1920s to aid the earliest aviators in delivering airmail. The arrow would have been accompanied with a light beacon edit points towards Salt Lake City."
    JL Johnson @User47JL Johnson @User47 · hace 3 semanas
    Lugar histórico
    · Tooele, Estados Unidos
    "Surprisingly vegetarian friendly. I really enjoyed the soft pretzels, and the veggie philly exceeded expectations. Would visit again."
    JL Johnson @User47JL Johnson @User47 · Octubre 23
    · Knoxville, Estados Unidos
    "The pizza is only OK. But the cheese balls are incredible. The salads aren’t bad either."
    JL Johnson @User47JL Johnson @User47 · Octubre 10
    · San Antonio, Estados Unidos
    "Save a cow, try BeyondMeat! Also, restroom code is 123456. Works for both RRs."
    JL Johnson @User47JL Johnson @User47 · Octubre 6
    · Bremerton, Estados Unidos
    "Yay for free parking, and free soup and salad. This is a noisy hotel. The walls are thin so you can hear animals and kids in adjacent rooms at all hours. Also some loud rumbly machine in the walls."
    JL Johnson @User47JL Johnson @User47 · Octubre 6
    · Silverdale, Estados Unidos