Tsutaya Books

(代官山 蔦屋書店)
Librería, Videoclub y Tienda de música
Daikanyama, 渋谷区
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  • Damné Jesús
    Damné JesúsNoviembre 28, 2016
    Hermosa librería con 3 edificios de 2 niveles. Libros especializados de arte, fotografía arquitectura y automovilismo. También encontrarás música y películas.
  • Chris D.
    Chris DeadskillsEnero 6, 2013
    La atención es excelente. ...casi todos los que atienden, saben inglés, frances, y español latino c:
  • nina
    ninahace 1 semana
    Hours seem to disappear at my favorite outpost of Tsutaya Books.
  • Yuri R.
    Yuri Ramocanhace 2 semanas
    The book and music selection is very high quality and of wide variety. The vibe is very low-key and refined. Lots of great reads and also good food.
  • Artemy L.
    Artemy LebedevOctubre 27
    Офигеннейший книжный.
  • Nat M.
    Nat McCullyOctubre 25
    Really great example of how tsutaya is branching out and differentiating on the holistic shopping experience
  • Xiao Y.
    Xiao YuOctubre 14
    A roomful of fountain pens? That’s culture
  • Lino D.
    Lino Di MaioAgosto 22
    The perfect bookshop, a lot of english books too. There's Also a Starbucks.
  • 福 美.
    福 美Agosto 17
  • Samia A.
    Spent hours here! Easily done. I'm not a fan of Starbucks but the outside area was very zen.
  • Eric E.
    Expect to lose hours going around the 3 buildings. Music, movies, books, magazines.
  • Jon H.
    Jon H.Mayo 31
    Perfect stop for jet lag shipping - open until 2am. Perhaps the worlds best selection of magazines.
  • Jiashu W.
    This place is amazing. Book store is an understatement.
  • alejandro m.
    awesome collection of books and good place to read, work, or relax with a coffee. dont take a picture though, they dont like that.
  • watanabe m.
  • Mu Y.
    Mu YapAbril 17
    love this bookstore. though there's very limited books I can read but still enjoy the vice and space here (there's a small section of books in Eng for every category)
  • Mu Y.
    Mu YapAbril 17
    love this bookstore. though there's very limited books I can read but still enjoy the vice and space here (there's a small section of books in Eng for every category.)
  • Steve M.
    Favorite place on Earth? This is the Smithsonian of bookstores, a national treasure, an exquisite collection masterfully presented. Highlight in a trip full of highlights.
  • Sherry J.
    Sherry JuMarzo 15
    Indeed one of the most beautiful bookstores I've ever seen. Opens till late and amazing selection of books. A small cafe inside as well.
  • Ian G.
    Ian GeeFebrero 21
    Fancy book store with a lot of unique publications.
  • K k.
    K kkkkkkkkFebrero 5
    한번 들어가면 쉽게 못나와요 사고싶은 이 많은곳, 일본어가 가능하다면 유용한 들이 정말 많음
  • 한솔 윤.
    한솔 윤Febrero 1
  • 久保田 一至 N.
    久保田 一至 NINETEEN19Enero 15
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
  • Fabio R.
    Fabio ResendeDiciembre 21, 2016
    Set apart a few hours to just browse the three buildings filled with interesting stuff. If you're tired, go to the lounge / restaurant on the second floor and order yourself a drink
  • Agatha Y.
    Agatha YuNoviembre 30, 2016
    Buy some local Japanese magazine to find local coffee and food spots!
  • Matt C.
    Matt ChanNoviembre 21, 2016
    Wonderful bookstore. Come on a quiet weekend morning to relax with a coffee and browse their collection. The bookstore can get busy during the evening hours.
  • Ryan B.
    Ryan BrightOctubre 8, 2016
    Huge bookstore that could consume hours of your time if you want. There was entire row dedicated to dessert recipe books.
  • Erick K.
    Erick KjellevoldOctubre 7, 2016
    Amazing bookstore in three different buildings next to each other. There's something for everyone here. Great concept.
  • Yukiya T.
    Yukiya TakeuchiSeptiembre 30, 2016
  • Christina L.
    Christina LunaSeptiembre 30, 2016
    Great video about this place here: https://monocle.com/film/culture/novel-ideas-tsutaya
  • Foxxy B.
    Foxxy BSeptiembre 9, 2016
    Food, drink, mags, books, linens, pens, paper, ceramics... all of the highest Japanese quality and aesthetic. I'm in love.
  • Kristina B.
    Kristina BosakAgosto 22, 2016
    You can easily spend all day there! Amazing spot!
  • Kristina B.
    Kristina BosakAgosto 22, 2016
    Such a nice cosy place! Can just spend the whole day being here!
  • Gianluigi L.
    Gianluigi LisiAgosto 16, 2016
    High quality shopping
  • michael t.
    michael tJulio 30, 2016
    Head up to Anjin. Have a cup of coffee, a glass of champagne, or a cocktail and browse the vintage magazines and bric a brac.
  • HayToMi
    HayToMiJulio 3, 2016
  • Chris
    ChrisJunio 2, 2016
    Unbelievable book and magazine offering, highly recommend
  • Najwa H.
    Najwa HijaziMayo 29, 2016
    A nice english architectural books collection...second floor's lounge timed to 90min in crowded times...first floor's starbucks opens till 2am
  • Surface Magazine
    Surface MagazineMayo 17, 2016
    Channeling a library in the woods, Tsutaya, part of a trio of interlocking buildings with latticed front, is a shrine to the analog age. Leer más
  • Wendy S.
    Wendy Shang TianMayo 5, 2016
  • Regina B.
    Regina BautistaMayo 1, 2016
    Omg. It's magical.
  • heejung p.
    heejung parkAbril 18, 2016
    한적하게 산책하기에 매우 좋음
  • FJT ®.
    FJT ®️Marzo 4, 2016
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
  • inu m.
    inu monsterFebrero 10, 2016
    凄くおしゃれな本屋 l've never seen such a cool bookstore like this before.
  • 🍺B e e r🍻
    🍺B e e r🍻Enero 29, 2016
    ชอบมาก/เงียบเหมาะกับนั่งพักผ่อน อ่านหนังสือ จิบกาแฟ
  • Krishna S.
    Krishna SivaranjanEnero 11, 2016
    So pretty! Also a great selection of fountain pens. Not as impressive as K Itoya but still very nice.
  • Amiro P.
    Amiro P.Enero 7, 2016
    What a great place to hang out, chill have a coffee and read. One of the best book shops I've ever visited. it's open everyday until 2am so no need to hurry
  • Mark T.
    Mark ThompsonDiciembre 28, 2015
    Great place to KILL time. A whole day's worth.
  • minamike70k
    minamike70kDiciembre 24, 2015
  • Eisuke RAFA S.
    Eisuke RAFA SatoDiciembre 24, 2015
    Ici, nous pouvons achter tous les livres nous cherchons.
  • Jone N.
    Jone NaranDiciembre 8, 2015
  • Henry H.
    Henry HidayatDiciembre 7, 2015
    Great book collection, one of the best (if not the best) collections of automotive books in all of Tokyo.
  • Yezi E.
    Yezi E BDiciembre 4, 2015
    My favorite book store! Enjoy the neighborhood
  • Willem S.
    Willem SleursNoviembre 24, 2015
    Great selection of books, music, movies and magazines. And a nice place for food and drinks.
  • Hampus A.
    Hampus AnderssonNoviembre 17, 2015
    Lovely Tsutaya store. Combined Starbucks with a great selection of books and magazines.
  • jen
    jenNoviembre 16, 2015
    Wonderful, beautiful store with a whole array of non-book merchandise, too.
  • Magdalena M.
    Magdalena MrázkováOctubre 13, 2015
    Ideal place for all book and coffee lovers (I don't mean the Starbucks there;). Amazing atmosphere!
  • Paul L.
    Paul LauOctubre 12, 2015
    Spend all of your money here.
  • David N.
    David NoëlOctubre 6, 2015
    One of the coolest book stores I've seen.
  • Glitch
    GlitchAgosto 25, 2015
    문화적 취향있는 어른들을 위한 놀이터.(멋진 음반 코너와 컨셉 팝업 전시,휴식같은 카페가 있어 더욱 풍한 느낌.옆엔 아이비플레이스,그린도그,라이카 샵도 있고 서점안엔 특화된 페밀리마트와 스타벅스도 있음.) 라이프 스타일 복합문화공간.
  • Takehito I.
    Takehito IchidaAgosto 14, 2015
    Vesper Martini w/ your favorite gin, and Jasmine tea.
  • 根叔 g.
    根叔 gunshockJulio 28, 2015
    Perfect place to wander for an afternoon.
  • Vincent T.
    Vincent TanJulio 18, 2015
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    Check out the lounge Anjin on 2F of the middle block
  • Kunikiyo M.
    Kunikiyo MurakamiJunio 10, 2015
  • Lilazz˚
    Lilazz˚Mayo 30, 2015
    하루종일 있고 싶은 곳. 마음을 두고 왔다.
  • Clemens
    ClemensMayo 22, 2015
    Great one of a kind bookstore in the heart of Tokyo. Cafes, adjacent shops and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating areas make Tsutaya T-Site more of a relaxation zone than a typical bookstore.
  • Keisuke I.
    Keisuke IwataniMayo 18, 2015
  • Daniel F.
    Daniel FreytagMayo 14, 2015
    Pay them a visit even if you're not buying anything. The architecture of the entire building is really interesting and there's a Starbucks inside to grab a drink!
  • おちのぶん y.
  • Yoshihiro U.
    Yoshihiro UmezawaMayo 6, 2015
  • jinjuede
    jinjuedeAbril 13, 2015
    을 좋아한다면 음악을 좋아한다면 잡지를 좋아한다면 츠타야 서점! 공간을 둘러보는 것만으로도 을 읽는 느낌입니다!
  • Dilsah T.
    Dilsah TişaAbril 8, 2015
    You can find what ever you want. Amazing !!
  • Hiro Y.
    Hiro YasAbril 5, 2015
    everything nice
  • Christophe F.
    Christophe FernandezMarzo 22, 2015
    Sûrement le meilleur Tsutaya de Tokyo ! Choix incroyable en plus dans le quartier branché de Daikanyama sympa pour y flâner
  • Pegopannachan
    PegopannachanMarzo 22, 2015
  • Nicolas R.
    Nicolas RafenomanjatoMarzo 12, 2015
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    Coffee shop on the second floor is better for meetings (quiet and spacious) than the Starbucks on the first floor... ☕
  • Christian L.
    Christian LauFebrero 13, 2015
    Magazine Avenue is fantastic. The overall selection of books, music and stationery is exceptional.
  • maasa
    maasaFebrero 9, 2015
  • T K.
    T KFebrero 7, 2015
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    Bookstore with style. You can find imported books and magazines as well. Cosy atmosphere like a library.
  • nina
    ninaEnero 25, 2015
    Hours seem to disappear at my favorite outpost of Tsutaya Books.
  • Harry D.
    Harry DEnero 8, 2015
    Nice place to unwind, pull out a laptop to do some work or red the news, and sip a good coffee.
  • Alex M.
    Alex MooreEnero 4, 2015
    One of the most beautiful modern bookstores I have ever visited. Drop in to browse the eclectic curated selection of books, music, and movies from all over the world
    Votación a favor hace Oct 12
  • fuji ..
    fuji .Enero 1, 2015
  • Tim S.
    Tim SheyDiciembre 30, 2014
    代官山 蔦屋書店(TSUTAYA)Beautiful bookstore designed by the same architects as YouTube Space LA. Amazing cafe and cool devotee sections like magazines, car books, children's books.
  • nist f.
    nist f1Diciembre 13, 2014
  • yuri _.
    yuri ___sNoviembre 21, 2014
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
  • Shinichi T.
    Shinichi TakayamaNoviembre 6, 2014
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    NOBUYASU MATSUSHIMANoviembre 1, 2014
  • Guilherme Q.
    Guilherme QuintelaOctubre 9, 2014
    A must-go bookstore in Tokyo! Excellent atmosphere, books, magazines and music. And the neighborhood is super cool!
  • Emily K.
    Emily K.Octubre 7, 2014
    The coolest bookstore you will visit in Tokyo.
  • Ryo S.
    Ryo SHIMOMURAOctubre 2, 2014
    渋谷区コミュニティバス 渋谷駅西口方面 10-19時、毎時14分39分56分
  • Priscila O.
    Priscila OrtizSeptiembre 20, 2014
    Read, listen to music, watch DVDs, drink coffee, work, buy cool stuff. The best place ever if you know Japanese.
  • m d.
    m dSeptiembre 4, 2014
    混んでますが駐車場は意外と安い。 車をここに置いて代官を散策するのもいいかとおもいます。
  • Ayano Y.
    Ayano YoshidaAgosto 16, 2014
  • Deirdre
    DeirdreAgosto 15, 2014
    2층의 라운지 Anjin. 새벽2시까지 운영. 라스트오더는 1시까지지만 11시까지만 주문받는 메뉴가 많음.
  • Danny K.
    Danny KatzJunio 15, 2014
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    Get here early (8am) and grab an outdoor shaded seat. You'll have 30+ minutes of silent bliss before the descent of chatty housewives w/yappy dogs. And noisy English lessons (hi me).
  • Danny K.
    Danny KatzJunio 9, 2014
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    If outside, be prepared for (1) cooing grandmas with (2) crying babies, (3) laughing loud ladies with yappy dogs, (4) deck chairs being dragged around and (5) sparrows nibbling your food.
  • Mizuho 瑞.
    Mizuho 瑞穂Mayo 6, 2014
  • さつき
    さつきMayo 5, 2014
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
  • tanaka y.
    tanaka youtaroAbril 14, 2014
  • Jonathan K.
    Jonathan KramerMarzo 28, 2014
    Easily one of the best bookstores in the world.
  • Takayuki N.
    Takayuki NakaiMarzo 2, 2014
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
  • あんど
    あんどFebrero 10, 2014
  • Henry W.
    Henry WuFebrero 5, 2014
    Amazing spacious bookstore with natural feel to it and huge selection of everything.
  • hiro
    hiroFebrero 2, 2014
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
  • himikosan ひ.
    himikosan ひみこさんEnero 22, 2014
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
  • Ras
    RasEnero 18, 2014
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    The best Tsutaya on the planet.
  • Kani
    KaniEnero 18, 2014
  • Takeshi S.
    Takeshi SuzukiDiciembre 23, 2013
  • Whyu Chese H.
    Whyu Chese HunterNoviembre 29, 2013
    Bila datang keTokyo, jangan lupa mampir kesinih ya...
  • Noriko
    NorikoNoviembre 24, 2013
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
  • eunji
    eunjiNoviembre 1, 2013
    大好き.. 집 근처면 매일 오고싶은 장소
  • ALDO
    ALDOOctubre 27, 2013
  • Lyoki N.
    Lyoki NapatorOctubre 27, 2013
  • miwskin
    miwskinOctubre 18, 2013
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
  • Brent C.
    Brent Chiu-WatsonSeptiembre 21, 2013
    Best book store in the city!
  • Rie S.
    Rie SugitaSeptiembre 15, 2013
    Ha estado aquí más de 50 veces
  • Gary C.
    Gary ChouAgosto 31, 2013
    Great, quiet place to hangout and work!
  • Alejandro R.
    Alejandro RicoAgosto 9, 2013
    Located in a very stylish area of town. All the classy neighbors gather around. They have some nice eateries and street food in the evening. Good place to get away from Tokyo cheesiness.
  • Narita Y.
    Narita YueiAgosto 5, 2013
  • 長月
    長月Julio 1, 2013
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
  • uni m.
    uni mJunio 17, 2013
    Ha estado aquí más de 50 veces
  • Sota S.
    Sota ShiraiJunio 15, 2013
    Paul Smithさんもたまーに来るらしい
  • Yuko M.
    Yuko MatsunagaJunio 9, 2013
    stylish book store. lots of choices.
  • Mitsuhiro H.
    Mitsuhiro HaseJunio 1, 2013
  • Yoko T.
    Yoko TAbril 27, 2013
  • Steven C.
    Steven ChoiAbril 23, 2013
    no manga! don't sweat searching for it!
  • Mizuki Y.
    Mizuki YamadaAbril 21, 2013
  • Fuyuhiko T.
    Fuyuhiko TakayaMarzo 17, 2013
  • John
    JohnMarzo 15, 2013
  • Naot H.
    Naot HFebrero 2, 2013
  • Naot H.
    Naot HEnero 13, 2013
  • Nice Megane
    Nice MeganeEnero 2, 2013
  • Mamoru K.
    Mamoru KamikawaDiciembre 26, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    One of the best places in Tokyo!
  • Susan L.
    Susan LohOctubre 18, 2012
    Awesome bookstore! Head upstairs to the cafe, grab a comfy leather chair, and just let the hours pass you by.
  • Ryo T.
    Ryo TokizakiOctubre 5, 2012
  • Kazu
    KazuSeptiembre 25, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
  • M. R.
    M. R.Septiembre 24, 2012
    Worth a visit for the architecture alone. Some staff speak English at this upper end Tsutaya and there are some English books and magazines. It can get a bit noisy and busy at night time.
  • kilmete
    kilmeteSeptiembre 10, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
  • 桂 加.
    桂 加須良Agosto 20, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    珈琲も飲めて、古い雑誌もあったりで 一日中、過ごせそうな雰囲気です(^-^)代官山 蔦屋書店
  • Yusuke N.
    Yusuke NamekataAgosto 16, 2012
  • Chris C.
    Chris ChauAgosto 7, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    Go and have your mind blown at their music and lounge section please
  • Emily K.
    Emily K.Agosto 6, 2012
    Heads up - no free Wi-Fi at this Starbucks.
  • チャンコ
    チャンコAgosto 4, 2012
  • Kei S.
    Kei ShinguJulio 22, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
    WiMAX download:5905kbps upload:1653kbps
  • Takayuki N.
    Takayuki NakaiJulio 21, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
  • tibori
    tiboriJunio 24, 2012
  • Junji
    JunjiMayo 26, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
  • Hiroto S.
    Hiroto SugitaMayo 6, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
  • yuki i.
    yuki iMayo 4, 2012
  • Mårten E.
    Mårten EkenbergFebrero 20, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    Humongous book/magazine/stationary store. Lots of titles in English. Starbucks inside.
  • Pilgrim_
    Pilgrim_Febrero 19, 2012
  • Heppokosan
    HeppokosanEnero 29, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
  • raw g.
    raw gauEnero 20, 2012
  • amateurworker
    amateurworkerEnero 8, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
  • Koh M.
    Koh Minus BrianEnero 5, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
  • Koichiro
    KoichiroEnero 4, 2012
    渋谷駅からバス(トランセ 150円)が便利です。
  • sacocci
    sacocciEnero 2, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
  • Toshihide Y.
    Toshihide YoshimatsuDiciembre 28, 2011
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
  • shintaro e.
    shintaro eguchiDiciembre 25, 2011
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
  • Koichiro T.
    Koichiro TsukamotoDiciembre 18, 2011
  • amateurworker
    amateurworkerDiciembre 17, 2011
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
  • Mi-kun
    Mi-kunDiciembre 10, 2011
  • Yoshimi K.
    Yoshimi KikuyaDiciembre 7, 2011
    中庭のIVY PLACE、バーのみ喫煙可能。23:00からはバー内、それまでは外で。
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