McSorley's Old Ale House

McSorley's Old Ale House

East Village, Nueva York
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  • Ellie D.
    "THAT SAID, great dark beer (cervezas negras) and always a good time at McSorley's."(31 Tips)
    Brian S.
    "oldest bars in Manhattan (cócteles de lujo)"(8 Tips)
    "Looking for the best cheap (barato) watering hole and a piece of history?"(9 Tips)
    Matt M.
    "Get the fries and let the spicy (picante) mustard open up your sinuses"(13 Tips)
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  • cerveza
  • animado
  • auténtico
  • pubs irlandeses
  • bueno para grupos
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  • Dario K.
    Dario KleinJunio 2, 2013
    Increíble lugar. El boliche más antiguo de Nueva York. Sólo cerveza, historia y nada más.
  • Steph F.
    Steph FellAgosto 17, 2013
    Hasta huele a 1854 y cloro. Un plus para cualquier bar de verdad ✔✔✔
  • Josh K.
    Josh KongmanyJulio 25, 2017
    Rustic pub with a long heritage. Only offers "light" and "dark" beer, but both are great! Beers are served in pairs and are perfect for the economic drunk
    Votación a favor hace hace 19 horas
  • Nuri J.
    Nuri JeonDiciembre 7, 2014
    OMG. As soon as you enter, you will feel like you are in a different world back in early 1900. Order '1' of either dark or light, you will get two glasses. Love the place and will definitely come back
    Votación a favor hace Aug 19
  • Richard R.
    Richard RevillaAbril 24, 2013
    Cash only. Order light or dark in even numbers and enjoy the cheese and crackers. A old school gem that should never change in the East Village.
    Votación a favor hace Aug 1
  • Michiyo N.
    Michiyo NakashimaEnero 8, 2015
    They said it was the oldest ale house in New York and I could believe them. They offer two ales, light or dark only, but the best way is to get them half and half. We spent New Years there. Awesome.
  • Aniruddha M.
    Aniruddha MandkeMayo 17, 2015
    Loved it. Old school. Dark or light ale. Not a place for hipsters but for everyone. Kind staff. Prepare to wait. If you are fussy about which table-which corner etc then it's not for you.
  • The Brew Noob
    The Brew NoobAgosto 29, 2013
    New York City's oldest Irish pub only serves two kinds of beer: light or dark. Pick your favorite from the old-school brew recipes, or bring a friend and split the order until you find which you like!
  • Tyler L.
    Tyler LundDiciembre 28, 2015
    McSorley’s is a place so touristy, you kind of have to go just to consider yourself a true New Yorker. They’ve got sawdust on the floor, bathrooms that were voted among the five grossest in the city
  • Zach H.
    Zach HedrickEnero 22, 2016
    This place is perfect. Such an experience. Step through the door and you'll step back 150 years in time. Sawdust floors, (faux) potbelly stoves and two choices of beer; light or dark. I love it!
  • Gwenda B.
    Gwenda BarathMayo 15, 2016
    Menu...great and simple. Beer...great and simple, light or dark. History... Great and anything but simple. Decor...great and it takes all day to absorb it all. Atmosphere.. Great and easy to hang out.
  • Valerie S.
    Valerie SDiciembre 30, 2017
    Oldest bar in NYC. Authentic ambiance, and staff does a diligent job of managing the crowds. Choice of beer either light or dark (both are good). And try the cheese plate- saltines, cheese, and onion.
  • WhiskyAvenger
    An old bar that gives you the best selection of beer. Just kidding,you’re limited to light or dark beer. The dark tastes better but it’s actually the history you go in for. This place is dripping w/it
  • Missie D.
    Beer, crackers and cheese is all you need. Feel the sawdust under your feet. Ask the bartenders about the bones on the lights over the bar. McSorley's is the best in historic bars.
  • Chris S.
    Chris SlatterySeptiembre 8, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    Beers come by the pair only. Two lights, two darks, or a light and a dark. Try the Chili, and cheese and crackers. Make sure to study the decorations on the walls carefully, to get the full flavor!
  • The New Yorker
    The New YorkerOctubre 29, 2013
    "The wooden bar, the icebox, and, one suspects, the mood of near-conspiratorial intimacy have changed little since it opened, in 1854." Leer más
  • Gustavo M.
    Gustavo MoradaSeptiembre 22, 2014
    Very nice pub, excellent drafts. Good burguer. The only con is that there ir no control of the bill, it is a good idea to control your bill yourself
  • seth m.
    seth meyerowitzOctubre 13, 2012
    This place is awesome. 2 beer options, light or dark. Beware because they slam the beers on the table, mind your phones. Old time , classic style pub. Highly recommend.
  • Viren K.
    Viren KaulEnero 22, 2017
    Great in the weekends. Even better off rush hours.. the history in here is mind boggling .. you choose .. light or dark and have the time of your life !
  • Kev S.
    Kev SkinnyAgosto 14, 2014
    Best most iconic bar in city. Be good or be gone. Burger is great, cheese plate is awesome in abgrandmas house kind of way. 2 options light or dark for beer. Both are amazing.
  • Untapped Cities
    Untapped CitiesEnero 22, 2014
    Nestled quietly into the East Village, this pub serves beers in orders of two. Fun fact: McSorley's has some of the oldest urinals in the city! Leer más
  • Dave C.
    Dave CamarilloFebrero 27, 2016
    Greatest pub I've ever been to. Love the look, the feel and the menu. Feels like America!
  • Xavier
    XavierJulio 22
    If you take a beer here, you will be taking with you a piece of history. Oldest bar in NY. Wood-chips on the wood-floor makes it so authentic.
  • Avin N.
    Avin NarasimhanAbril 7, 2015
    Love this place. Servers will be rude, and you'll like it. 2 kinds of beers-- light or dark. Get the dark, and go thirsty-- if you don't want a refill, you're expected to leave
  • Maria D.
    Maria DedyulyaJulio 22, 2017
    Отличное, невероятно особенное место для попить пивка в шумной дружественной атмосфере)
  • Party Earth
    Party EarthAbril 16, 2012
    “Along with the cheese plate comes the famous McSorley’s Onion. It has a historical significance, so order it for the full experience.” More at http://www.partyearth.com/venues/mcsorleys-old-ale-house
  • Jack G.
    Jack GashiOctubre 15, 2014
    Great spot to have beers on a rainy day, less crowded. Get a cheese plate, it comes with onion (no chicks today) and a mustard that'll have your nipples standing at attention
  • Claire D.
    Claire DivverOctubre 10, 2012
    It's a great bar to get a cheap beer and meet new people since they push you together at a table when it's busy. And it's funny if someone tries to order hard liquor..they get kicked out!!
  • Bo D.
    Bo DePeñaEnero 15, 2012
    Bring cash, and be ready to be sit with random people and start up conversation. Try both beers before making your decision. Service is great, but be quick with your orders and don't jerk them around.
  • Zaarly NYC
    Zaarly NYCOctubre 9, 2011
    Beer and strangers becoming close friends by the end of the first round. Light or dark, you can't go wrong and the beer comes in pairs for $5. Good enough for Abe good enough for everyone.
  • Nicholas W.
    Nicholas WagnerDiciembre 31, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    Three things to remember: 1) light or dark beer. 2) learn your waiters name 3) Don't be shy to just sit down a table and start talking. If you are shy this is a great place to practice not being shy.
  • Pierre v.
    Pierre van MedgeAgosto 8, 2014
    'Two light, two dark' is the best way (the only way, in fact) to order beer here. Check out the chicken wishbones hanging by the wall, they're historical artifacts!
  • Nisa G.
    Nisa GOctubre 17, 2014
    very authentic beerhouse, you feel almost like you time traveled! It is also good value for money: 2 beers for 5.50!
  • WillMcD
    WillMcDAgosto 16, 2011
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    One of the oldest bars in the city. Recently they were forced to clean the wishbones. Ask the bartender about it. PS light or Dark only. (Dark) and you have to be invited to sit down. Great Bar
  • Colleen S.
    Colleen SheaNoviembre 12, 2017
    A cool old timey bar, the bartenders are Irish and there’s sawdust all over the floor. U can order a light beer or a dark beer and that’s it, they’ll give you 8 mugs of it for like $20
  • Owen H.
    Owen HerterichAgosto 28, 2016
    Oldest bar in NY. Only serves their own beer, in two varieties (dark or light), two beers at a time. Gets insane on weekend nights, but pretty fun for a quick drink.
  • Tammy S.
    Tammy SellnerMarzo 4, 2012
    Hands down greatest Irish bar in all of NY ! Order the McSorley Darks, tip well (these guys deserve it), and make sure to take in all the amazing artifacts around the place !
  • Jany X.
    Jany XuFebrero 2, 2013
    Large cheese and onion plate with saltines is perfect with beer, just a bit salty from the cheesy, the crackers make you drink more, and the onion five just enough kick.
  • Kirill K.
    Kirill KukuruzaJunio 27, 2017
    One of the oldest saloon in NYC. Great beer and atmosphere!
  • raymond
    raymondNoviembre 21, 2012
    One of my favorite vintage places to grab a half-pint of ale. (Oldest historic Irish pub in NYC, circa 1854.) Best deal in town -- go with the dark! Cheers!
  • DoubleDeuce
    DoubleDeuceFebrero 12, 2015
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    A great old institution of bigotry. Sawdust on the floor, ancient urinals, double the beer you'd expect and you're sure to meet someone from out of town. Be renewed with the old.
  • Tilman B.
    Tilman BeneckeMarzo 25, 2017
    What an awesome place this is... you can feel the history of this bar - great. Just two different beers on the tap - white & dark homebrew stuff - both are great!
  • Gustavo M.
    Gustavo MoradaSeptiembre 22, 2014
    Very nice pub, excellent drafts. Good burguer. The only con is that there is no control of the bill, it is a good idea to control your bill yourself
  • Eugene T.
    Eugene TroynovJulio 13, 2013
    Best bar I've ever been to!!! This place is crazy! Great beer. Sailor-bartender. You feel like you're on the sailor ship deck. Definitely must see!
  • Robbie C.
    Robbie CluttonMayo 27, 2012
    Literally a spit and sawdust place, it's a must go on any Manhattan tour. Order the light beer, or dark beer. That's the only choice you have. It's cheap, but cash only.
  • Noëlle D.
    Noëlle DevlinEnero 10, 2015
    Love this place! Prepare for crowds & light pushing from busy staff if you're in their way. It's all in good fun! Cheap beer & great atmosphere
  • Ellie D.
    Ellie DMarzo 26, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    Even if you're feeling hungry, stay away from the cheese and crackers and save your appetite for later. THAT SAID, great dark beer and always a good time at McSorley's.
  • Anya🍀 L.
    Anya🍀 LibovaSeptiembre 23, 2013
    5.50 for two beers. Choice is just light or dark,they serve beer from their own brewery. Very old bar with awesome atmosphere! Check it out !!
  • Jake C.
    Jake ClementsFebrero 4
    Dark or light beer only. We tried the dark, it was yumbos. Pub is worth a visit for the history and old times feels
  • Drunken History
    Drunken HistoryDiciembre 13, 2011
    "Good Ale, Raw Onions, and No Ladies..." This place should be a museum!!!! Ask the bartender about the wishbones hanging from the lamp and then enjoy a liverwurst sandwich and a pint or two of ale.
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