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Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Playa, Mirador paisajístico y Parque
Sunset Cliffs, San Diego
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  • Omari A.
    Omari AllenAgosto 9, 2014
    Go farther south past the pier and take the stairs down for awesome views along the rocks or climb down the cliff to a sick secluded beach when the tide is low.
  • Adyn R.
    Adyn RomahnDiciembre 8, 2015
    Nicest place to watch sunset? Eh... But if you go down the staircase when the tide is high late at night you can watch the waves crash, awesome to watch and relaxing to listen to.
  • Mike F.
    Mike FuselierFebrero 26, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    Go to the last park entrance up on the hill to the right, then use the ropes for a small repel down to the beach. This area is the best of Sunset Cliffs.
  • Luisa U.
    Luisa UmanzorAbril 26, 2013
    If you coming to San Diego, you have to come to Sunset Cliffs, lovely place to watch the sunset, it's totally a must!
  • Boxfire Press
    Boxfire PressSeptiembre 9, 2011
    Justin McLachlan, author of Time Up, here. I picked this as a surfing spot for the characters in my story, but it's (as the name implies) a great place to watch the sunset. Bring a blanket or chair.
  • Deniz Y.
    Deniz YigitSeptiembre 2
    Gün batımı için favori yerlerimden biri oldu.. kayalıklar güzel , tek eksik cuna libre yada en azından bira.. açıkalanda alkol yasal olsa trakyalılar bu gün batımında kör olur 😎
  • StonerDays
    StonerDaysMayo 6, 2014
    A great place on Southern California's San Diego Coast to rage a bowl, smoke a joint, blaze a blunt or rip a dab while taking in nature at its finest!
  • Ivonne G.
    Ivonne GuerraAbril 20, 2014
    Although it's "prohibited" you should definitely go cliff diving. It gets your adrenaline going and you'll be glad you did. I love it here!
  • ELBOW707
    ELBOW707Marzo 11, 2014
    Beautiful place. Easy to access... Once you find parking!! Get here early to get a good spot even though you can walk to good areas
  • Luis B.
    Luis BourgesOctubre 4, 2016
    Such a nice view! Lovely houses to see and a hiking trail where you can exercise.
  • Kelly W.
    Kelly WongMayo 25
    Great trails next to lovey houses. So many come here to surf. We even found someone with a lemonade stand!
  • Kristen F.
    Kristen FerrettiAgosto 16, 2015
    Amazing sunset views a cute little beach are that you can climb down to.
  • ZelectricBug D.
    ZelectricBug David BenardoAgosto 23, 2013
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
    Don't leave right after the sunset. Many times the sky's even more amazing afterwards. Up to 45 minutes afterwards. And less traffic heading out.
  • Boxfire Press
    Boxfire PressJunio 14, 2011
    In Justin McLachlan's upcoming novel, Time Up, this is where our hero first meets the villan. Take a hike around the cliffs at sunset for the best views anywhere in San Diego.
  • Allyson B.
    Allyson BagleyJunio 17, 2015
    The air is clear. The area is clean. You can just stand there and listen to the sound of the ocean. Beautiful scenery.
  • Daniel H.
    Daniel H.Octubre 14, 2013
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    Sun, whether shining or setting, is hardly a necessary pre-requisite for sentiments such as stunning, or spectacular. That's on you, playa.
  • Bread S.
    Bread SunMarzo 18, 2015
    The best spot for sunset. Don't forget to bring your jacket.
  • Nadine P.
    Nadine PasterczykSeptiembre 18, 2016
    Beautiful views. You may even catch a green flash if you're lucky.
  • Nikki V.
    Nikki VongnavanhSeptiembre 16, 2016
    The best place to watch a sunset. Me and my fiancé went several times when we visit this summer.
  • Sean M.
    Sean MillerAgosto 21, 2016
    Awesome views. Bring your lunch here and enjoy the scenery while you eat.
  • Mary Beth M.
    Mary Beth McCabeOctubre 15, 2015
    I used to live on Cornish Drive. Such a great neighborhood except for the very loud planes.
  • Charles A.
    There is apple tree market just before the cliffs!! 5.99 roasted chicken!! Then go to the cliffs!! Enjoy!!
  • Nina O.
    Nina OttavianoAbril 3, 2015
    Can't miss this sight when in SD. Go down at low tide for an adventure unlike anything else.
  • Kat S.
    Kat S.Junio 26, 2015
    Even in the fog, still one of my favorite places in San Diego
  • Starscream
    StarscreamMarzo 6, 2013
    The sunset & your significant other/friend are synonymous with "going down". ^_~
  • Matt R.
    Matt RosenbergAbril 2, 2013
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    My favorite place in San Diego to visit on a clear and sunny day.
  • Wil R.
    Wil ReynoldsJunio 7, 2013
    Ignore these signs get close and listen to the waves and take great pics.
  • steven c.
    steven catalfamoFebrero 16, 2016
    Enjoy the amazing view of sunset.. really it is so romantic place .. i love this so much ..
  • Joany M.
    Joany M.Noviembre 9, 2013
    Beautiful place for running, meditating or just watching the ocean and the beautiful sky
  • Jeiran H.
    Jeiran HasanAbril 30
    Very beautiful park to visit.
  • Scott R.
    Scott R.Marzo 6, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    Worth the trip to get there. If you're a local, you're already trippin.
  • Adam A.
    Adam AllertonEnero 31, 2010
    The most awesome sunsets you'll ever see outside of Hawaii. Either enjoy it alone or have me join you...I live a block up the street.
  • Joelle R.
    Joelle ReederOctubre 26, 2016
    Incredible views, beautiful sunset. Also, where we got engaged!
  • S.
    S.Agosto 31
    Nice view from the cliff, not a place to swim tho
  • Jim M.
    Jim McDonaldEnero 4, 2014
    Possibly the best place to watch the sun set anywhere.
  • Mingfei Y.
    Mingfei YanSeptiembre 1, 2014
    Great place to see sunset in San Diego.
  • Hasit V.
    Hasit VibhakarJunio 27, 2016
    This is one of the so awesome park.It shows the real beauty of nature.everyone likes this
  • Stacey~Marie
    Stacey~MarieOctubre 7, 2015
    Don't fall.... Cliffs are unstable. Stay out of the roped off area especially if inebriated.
  • Michael J.
    Michael JonesJulio 14, 2015
    Great views and a good view of the fireworks on July 4th
  • Mpyr ..
    Mpyr .comEnero 13, 2013
    This is going to be a great place to own in Mpyr some day...
  • steven c.
    steven catalfamoMarzo 4, 2016
    This is the beautiful view of sunset.I like this and enjoy him
  • RBBG C.
    RBBG CONNECTIONAbril 26, 2013
    Bring a blunt and sum sd og Kush (idica) lets have a Sensi party.
  • Aaron L.
    Aaron LewisEnero 10
    Unsurprisingly, a great spot to catch the sunset.
  • Andressa A.
    Andressa AmaralDiciembre 23, 2013
    Traga um iPod e curta o melhor pôr do sol de SD
  • Yves D.
    Yves DinhAbril 6, 2014
    Catch the sunset, find somewhere not too crowdy.
  • Gen L.
    Gen LoweJulio 30, 2016
    Nice trail, beautiful ocean views
  • Tyrone R.
    Tyrone RollinsMarzo 5, 2013
    Great places to eat and just relax
  • Elizabeth d.
    I slipped on an unstable beach cliff. I didn't see the sign until it was too late!
  • Nick C.
    Nick CooperMarzo 14, 2011
    Best sex I've had in a Beamer, Benz, or bentley with the best view too
  • Ahmed B.
    Ahmed Bu AliSeptiembre 20, 2015
    Wow wow amazing scene for sunset
  • Tom W.
    Tom WangMarzo 24, 2016
    I couldn't find any cliffs to jump off of
  • Pelin G.
    Pelin Güvenç KefelMarzo 22, 2016
    Really nice place to go for a hike
  • Julie C.
    Julie CummingsEnero 27, 2015
    Gorgeous view. A MUST see.
  • Alberto C.
    Alberto CanezMarzo 31, 2013
    Get here early otherwise no parking
  • Abdallah A.
    Abdallah AlemranMayo 21, 2015
    Amazing view.
  • ann _.
    ann _Diciembre 29, 2014
    Super nice view!!
  • Maia W.
    Maia WailanaJulio 19, 2011
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    Great surf..but you better be a strong swimmer!
  • Michelle W.
    Michelle WeissertMarzo 16, 2011
    Awesome for reflecting & clearing your mind.
  • Marisa
    MarisaAgosto 25, 2016
    Absolutely stunning.
  • Michael F.
    Michael FergusonMayo 26, 2014
    Go at Sunset. Duh!
  • Cheena O.
    Cheena OAbril 19, 2011
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    Best place in SD to watch a sunset.
  • David K.
    David KujawaJunio 16, 2010
    The Surf Villa. Really amazing view if you know where it is, and how to sneak in. :D Leer más
  • Erik H.
    Erik HessEnero 6, 2011
    Enjoy a beautiful view and the sounds of the Pacific crashing against the rocks.
  • D. G.
    D. G.Marzo 26, 2015
    amazing view! :-)
  • El Jefe
    El JefeDiciembre 31, 2012
    The waves are bitchin today!!
  • Pam B.
    Pam BallietDiciembre 10, 2013
    Watching h the sunset! Beautiful
  • Collins Family &.
    Awesome sunsets!
  • Tyrone R.
    Tyrone RollinsMarzo 5, 2013
    Enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, that simple
  • Lance H.
    Lance HDiciembre 16, 2011
    Amazing view of the sunset!
  • Hannah E.
    Hannah El HajjSeptiembre 16, 2013
    Rad place to jump
  • Huaisi C.
    Huaisi CenOctubre 4, 2016
    Just Wow..
  • Steven H.
    Steven HumphreyFebrero 28, 2012
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
    Best place for a run
  • Nancy G.
    Nancy GravesMarzo 2, 2011
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
    Great walk with dogs along the cliffs.
  • Colleen D.
    Colleen DJunio 2, 2013
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    A spiritual experience
  • Jason P.
    Jason PopeAbril 11, 2012
    Great place for walk.
  • Kathryn M.
    Kathryn MannoMarzo 14, 2011
    Great place to bring a date.
  • Kelsie K.
    Kelsie KelleyEnero 14, 2011
    Night time boat counting & doin watcha want in a car....
  • Phil V.
    Phil Valentinehace 3 días
    Scenery is beautiful
  • Slightly Stoopid
    Slightly StoopidJunio 30, 2012
    Top Of The World.
  • Rev. Christopher T.
    Rev. Christopher TuttleAbril 25, 2011
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    Elope to Sunset Cliffs is a service of Elope TO San Diego™ Leer más
  • Gina W.
    Gina WeissFebrero 4, 2012
    Sunsets and surf!
  • Sarmistha S.
    Sarmistha SahooDiciembre 23, 2015
    Awesome Place
  • Melissa R.
    Melissa RodherFebrero 28, 2014
    Get early, gets crowed
  • Sandra d.
    Sandra de LaraAbril 2, 2014
    Unfortunately... lots of litter and graffiti :/
  • Amelia R.
    Amelia R.Agosto 27, 2011
    Watch out for large rats.
  • Maia W.
    Maia WailanaMarzo 25, 2011
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    Surf here is awesome!
  • yilaxa
    yilaxaFebrero 24
    menakjubkan _ www.updatekisahku.wordpress.com
  • Jason H.
    Jason HuberAbril 1, 2010
    Watch the sunset, duh, it's amazing
  • Brigitte S.
    Brigitte SaccoMarzo 4, 2010
    Ha estado aquí más de 5 veces
    Couldn't live at a better place than sunset cliffs!
  • Wade
    WadeFebrero 18, 2012
    Time with Jesus
  • Steph D.
    Steph DownerAgosto 18, 2010
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    my favorite place to be!
  • Ryan G.
    Ryan GravesDiciembre 30, 2009
    Ha estado aquí más de 25 veces
    The holiday egg nog is delish!
  • Maia W.
    Maia WailanaMarzo 1, 2011
    Ha estado aquí más de 10 veces
    Michael K.. Meet the new mayor...
  • Q
    QAbril 30, 2010
    i don't even know why i'm telling people about this
  • Michelle Von Q.
    Michelle Von QuilichOctubre 19, 2015
    Michelle von Quilich spent much of her youth in the beautiful city of San Diego, California. Leer más
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