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Digital Designer and Food Enthusiast.

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Paso Robles
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Mountain View
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Mike Winston
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Mike Winston
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    Tips recientes de Mike
    "The house bowl of Hinodeya Ramen is truly wonderful. Loved the chew of the noodles and rich, savory broth - all perfected with a heaping scoop of the chili garlic condiment, Tabera. WinstonWanders.com"
    Mike WinstonMike Winston · Marzo 13, 2019
    · San Francisco, Estados Unidos
    "Quality cooking with a classic French point of view. Everything was outstanding, but we especially loved the Oxtail Agnoloti, Onion Panisse, Frites, Cauliflower, and Duck a'Lorange. WinstonWanders.com"
    Mike WinstonMike Winston · Diciembre 12, 2018
    · Mineápolis, Estados Unidos
    "Incredibly delicious cooking going on here. Literally everything we had was excellent, but don't miss the stand-out Lobster Gigli, Spaghetti Nero, or Potato Gnocchi pastas. WinstonWanders."
    Mike WinstonMike Winston · Diciembre 12, 2018
    Nueva cocina americana
    · Mineápolis, Estados Unidos
    "Love the wide range of dumpling styles offered. Really enjoyed the Tom Yum Goong XLB, Seafood Gyoza, and Lamb Xi'an Dumplings with a pot of hot freshly brewed Pu'er Tea. WinstonWanders.com"
    Mike WinstonMike Winston · Diciembre 12, 2018
    · San Francisco, Estados Unidos
    "This is the real deal. Yes, that's grandma cooking. Garlic noodles, tender beef, 5-spice chicken, & hearty noodle soups are all excellent. Don't miss their comforting crab Bun Rieu. WinstonWanders.com"
    Mike WinstonMike Winston · Diciembre 12, 2018
    · San Francisco, Estados Unidos
    "The freshly carved smoked salmon is always perfection, but don't overlook the particularly delicious Super Heebster sandwich featuring Whitefish Salad, Salmon Salad, and Wasabi Roe. WinstonWanders.com"
    Mike WinstonMike Winston · Noviembre 13, 2018
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos