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Justin Baker

Justin Baker

I only communicate via gifs.

The Dirty D
  • 82 tips
  • 26 seguidores
  • 49 siguiendo
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Listas de Justin en Todas las ciudades
  • Durham
  • Raleigh
  • Chapel Hill
  • New York
  • Miami Beach
  • Miami
  • Carrboro
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Todas las ciudades
Las mejores ciudades de Justin
5 Listas creadas · 23 Tips
5 Listas creadas · 21 Tips
Chapel Hill
4 Listas creadas · 4 Tips
New York
5 Tips
Miami Beach
4 Tips
3 Tips
3 Listas creadas
San Francisco
2 Tips
1 Lista creada · 1 Tip
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Justin Baker
32 lugares actualizados Agosto 23, 2013
32 lugares incluyendo Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co., Bow Truss Coffee, Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation, Historic Site of Chess Records, Cal's Liquors
Justin Baker
74 lugares actualizados Julio 22, 2014
Welcome to Raleigh, NC! Here is a list of great bars, delicious restaurants, fascinating museums, and historic sights to enjoy the best capitol in the USA!!!
Justin Baker
33 lugares actualizados Marzo 9, 2015
If you check into these places may God look after you.
Justin Baker
25 lugares actualizados Septiembre 28, 2013
Spark and spliff and enjoy the social construction of reality.
Justin Baker
48 lugares actualizados Abril 1, 2016
Go to these non corporate delicious places to satiate the hunger inside. Damn I'm hungry all the sudden.
Justin Baker
32 lugares actualizados Agosto 5, 2014
Here is a list of great places to imbibe the glorious thing we call alcohol. To alcohol! The cause, and solution to all of life's problems!
    "BEHOLD THE MIGHTY GALACTUS AND ALL THINGS NERDY!!! This place is amazing and life changing. You will have so much fun and make sure you have Dolla Dolla Bills yall for the Arcade!!!!!"
    Justin BakerJustin Baker · Noviembre 1, 2014
    · Chapel Hill, Estados Unidos
    "After they made my succulent bulging burrito full of deliciousness I must I say it made me blush trying to eat it. So damn good. MAMA LIKES"
    Justin BakerJustin Baker · Abril 10, 2014
    · Durham, Estados Unidos
    "There is wifi here as well as a flat screen where you can watch Price is Right and contemplate your life choices."
    Justin BakerJustin Baker · Abril 3, 2014
    · Raleigh, Estados Unidos
    "The milkshakes here are so delicious and thick and creamy. If you get one it will surely bring all the boys to the yard."
    Justin BakerJustin Baker · Abril 1, 2014
    Pollo frito
    · Durham, Estados Unidos
    "The ginger ale will make your ovaries jump."
    Justin BakerJustin Baker · Marzo 1, 2014
    · Raleigh, Estados Unidos
    "Pssssssssssst hey you reading this. Get the Mac n Chz. Don't tell the okra I said anything..........."
    Justin BakerJustin Baker · Febrero 26, 2014
    · Durham, Estados Unidos