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Leo C.

Leo C.

Foodie. Traveller. Photographer. Food is culture. Live to eat. Camera usually eats first.

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Listas recientes de Leo
Leo C.
62 lugares actualizados Febrero 21, 2020
62 lugares incluyendo Maisen, Oven & Fried Chicken, Elkano, Kim Heng Roasted Meat 金兴香港烧腊
Leo C.
15 lugares actualizados Mayo 25, 2019
Because life is too short (and Singapore is too bloody expensive!) to drink crappy beers.
Leo C.
5 lugares actualizados Marzo 19, 2018
5 lugares incluyendo Chin Chin Eating House, Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant, Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice 天天海南鸡饭, Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice
Leo C.
4 lugares actualizados Marzo 28, 2017
4 lugares incluyendo Starbucks Reserve Store, Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks
Leo C.
11 lugares actualizados Enero 21, 2016
11 lugares incluyendo Market Street (Golden Shoe) Food Centre, Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre, Maxwell Food Centre, Hong Lim Market & Food Centre 芳林巴刹与熟食中心
Leo C.
9 lugares actualizados Marzo 17, 2014
9 lugares incluyendo Kehoe's, Gravity Bar, Mulligan's, The Stag's Head
    Tips recientes de Leo
    "I will stop coming here. The braising sauce is saltier and saltier. They are over-diversifying into other dishes. And I ordered a herbal chicken soup that came cold with bits of ice in it! Ridiculous!"
    Leo C.Leo C. · hace 5 días
    · Simei, Singapur
    "This place is not worth it anymore. Previous boys’ outing was better, and their new “pop up store” 2 floors down is a joke. It’s not even finished properly and doesn’t have an attached toilet."
    Leo C.Leo C. · hace 2 semanas
    · Singapur
    "Good sized gym geared more to strength than cardio training. Biggest peeve are the male changing rooms: only two toilet cubicles and seven shower cubicles. Gents, pls expect to queue at peak hours."
    Leo C.Leo C. · Enero 17
    · Singapur
    "Beef noodles is the main thing here. Portions are generous, but it’s not to my taste personally. But portions are really generous and I’m impressed by that."
    Leo C.Leo C. · Enero 2
    · Tampines, Singapur
    "Weird shop; roast duck tastes slightly fried, and the rice is garlicky chicken rice style 😑Portions are small. $10 for roast duck rice in picture. Good and fast service though."
    Leo C.Leo C. · Enero 1
    · Singapur
    "I fell in love with their signature wings here. After visiting their Angullia Park and Bot Quay outlets and having the same, the wings are the best HERE. The rest seems to have botched it."
    Leo C.Leo C. · Agosto 1, 2019
    · Singapur