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Hubert Law

Hubert Law


I don't know where I'm going. Only foursquare knows where I've been. I'm a devil on the run. A six gun lover. A candle in the wind.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA · Superuser icon?Superusuario Nivel 2
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Hubert Law
3 lugares actualizados Diciembre 16, 2018
3 lugares incluyendo Pitfire Artisan Pizza, Locale 90 Neopolitan Pizza Market, Stuft Pizza
Hubert Law
9 lugares actualizados Octubre 16, 2018
9 lugares incluyendo Brazilian Plate House, Shrimp By You, King's Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant, The Original Pancake House
Hubert Law
3 lugares actualizados Septiembre 16, 2018
3 lugares incluyendo Ramen Spott, Ko-Ryu, Umenoya
Hubert Law
29 lugares actualizados Septiembre 14, 2018
29 lugares incluyendo The Small Cafe, Marie Callender's, Cafe 50s, Eats Kitchen & Bar
Hubert Law
25 lugares actualizados Mayo 12, 2016
25 lugares incluyendo Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, Museo Nacional del Aire y el Espacio, Parque Nacional de los Arcos, Yellowstone National Park
Hubert Law
13 lugares actualizados Mayo 11, 2016
13 lugares incluyendo Nu Ice & Drinks, Mark's American Cuisine Restaurant, Coco Crepes, Waffles & Coffee, Sushi Rock
    "The beignets and cafe au lait sure hit the spot after a long road trip."
    Hubert LawHubert Law · Marzo 19, 2017
    · Baton Rouge, Estados Unidos
    "Chorizo breakfast burrito is really tasty, almost as big as your head!"
    Hubert LawHubert Law · Diciembre 30, 2016
    · Corona, Estados Unidos
    "Worst service ever. Incompetent & dishonest, they pre-charged our FSA account w/o telling us last yr. 1 yr later, prescription is finally right. But only a 30 day supply, instead of 90. Stay away!"
    Hubert LawHubert Law · Junio 16, 2015
    · Houston, Estados Unidos
    "Nothing is better than bacon... unless it's country fried bacon. Try it on a burger. Or try it as an appetizer. You'll thank me. You're welcome."
    Hubert LawHubert Law · Julio 24, 2012
    Sports Bar
    · Houston, Estados Unidos
    "Try the Scallop Carpaccio with Goat Cheese. The scallop melts like butter in your mouth and the goat cheese gives each bite a creamy and slightly tangy taste to truly savor."
    Hubert LawHubert Law · Agosto 30, 2010
    · Houston, Estados Unidos
    "Get the Grim burger. 1/3 lb beef patty, bacon, jalapenos, fried egg, and ... mac & cheese. Yes. Mac & cheese. Don't count on being productive at work after this bad boy."
    Hubert LawHubert Law · Julio 16, 2010
    · Houston, Estados Unidos