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Anna Frenkel

Anna Frenkel


born in the ussr, raised in brooklyn. marketing @airbnb. formerly marketing @foursquare.

New York, NY · Superuser icon?Superusuario Nivel 8
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  • New York
  • Brooklyn
  • Paris
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Las mejores ciudades de Anna
New York
27 Listas creadas · 112 Tips
10 Listas creadas · 13 Tips
10 Listas creadas
New Orleans
1 Lista creada · 6 Tips
San Francisco
2 Listas creadas · 4 Tips
4 Tips
Las Vegas
4 Tips
2 Listas creadas · 2 Tips
3 Tips
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Listas recientes de Anna
Anna Frenkel
3 lugares actualizados Noviembre 27, 2018
3 lugares incluyendo Dimes, Le Labo, Hesperios
Anna Frenkel
1 lugares actualizados Agosto 17, 2018
1 lugar incluyendo Barbro
Anna Frenkel
16 lugares actualizados Agosto 15, 2018
16 lugares incluyendo MK Studio, Restaurant Pony, Paté Paté, Kødbyen
Anna Frenkel
25 lugares actualizados Diciembre 20, 2017
Dec 17-25
Anna Frenkel
19 lugares actualizados Noviembre 2, 2018
19 lugares incluyendo Professional Italian Shoe Repair, Golda, Greenlight Bookstore, Sincerely Tommy
Anna Frenkel
7 lugares actualizados Septiembre 22, 2017
7 lugares incluyendo Cafe Le Perche, The Crimson Sparrow, Fish & Game, Rivertown Lodge
    Tips recientes de Anna
    "Apparently a torta here is a soggy sandwich in between hamburger buns, if you're into that sort of thing. Somewhat tasty but $$$."
    Anna FrenkelAnna Frenkel · Marzo 12, 2014
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos
    "Locked out of your apartment? They'll get to you within 15 minutes. Note to future self: leave spare keys with a neighbor."
    Anna FrenkelAnna Frenkel · Febrero 9, 2014
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos
    "For the love of God, get the strawberry butter! One of the best things I've ever had. Pancakes are fluffy and light & the sugar cured bacon is amazing. I want to cry because this meal is so good."
    Anna FrenkelAnna Frenkel · Enero 25, 2014
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos
    "1. meatspace noun. a term, originating from cyberpunk fiction, referring to the real (that is, not virtual) world, the world of flesh and blood. somewhat tongue-in-cheek. the opposite of cyberspace."
    Anna FrenkelAnna Frenkel · Octubre 25, 2013
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos
    "There is only ONE (unisex) bathroom so if you take too long, drunk people will try to hurt you."
    Anna FrenkelAnna Frenkel · Julio 14, 2013
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos
    "Grab a Barnyard Classic (egg, bacon, cheddar, add avocado) and an iced tea and go to the community garden around the corner to eat by the goldfish pond. Alphabet City 4evaz!"
    Anna FrenkelAnna Frenkel · Julio 13, 2013
    Tienda de quesos
    · Nueva York, Estados Unidos