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Steve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose

Steve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose


I enjoy and study beer, Japan, soccer, trains, visual erotica, the Internet, and cats. I write, take pictures, & collect the artifacts. You should meet me.

Chicago, IL. [U.S.A.]
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Steve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose
180 lugares actualizados Marzo 8, 2015
These are primarily bars which will have at least one beerworthy event during CCBW 2013 [16-26 May].
Steve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose
113 lugares actualizados Febrero 25, 2018
The original list hit the limit (200). So I have broken out the train and subway stations here.
Steve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose
99 lugares actualizados Marzo 8, 2015
Venues, except for train stations, I have been in cosmopolitan Tokyo and Yokohama.
Steve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose
98 lugares actualizados Octubre 18, 2013
Very good places where to enjoy a beer. I'm no snob. So this includes dives where Pabst Blue Ribbon is the best to be had.
Steve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose
278 lugares actualizados
278 lugares incluyendo Crew Bar and Grill, Toronado, Prairie Moon, 21st Amendment Brewery & Restaurant
Steve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose
747 lugares actualizados
747 lugares incluyendo Asakusa Smile (浅草スマイル), Sláinte Irish Pub, Lakefront Brewery, Links Taproom
    "I want to leave this photo to Lauren Nelson's June 28, 2014 tip. But it is not going to happen. What she scribed is _*true*_."
    Steve ‘Pudgy’ De RoseSteve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose · Diciembre 6, 2015
    · Chicago, Estados Unidos
    "The reason drivers ahead of you are going slow: You bought a model in a color commonly used by police departments as an "unmarked vehicle"."
    Steve ‘Pudgy’ De RoseSteve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose · Octubre 7, 2015
    · Chicago, Estados Unidos
    "The drop-off spot is now on Van Buren St. just west of Canal St. This is _closer_ to the Blue Line “L”'s Clinton station."
    Steve ‘Pudgy’ De RoseSteve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose · Octubre 6, 2015
    Estación de autobuses
    · Chicago, Estados Unidos
    "A Cleveland team won a Championship here. Notice how it takes a guy from Chicago to mention this on Foursquare. [They all count!]"
    Steve ‘Pudgy’ De RoseSteve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose · Octubre 2, 2015
    "It would not surprise me to learn that the "this station smells" and most other anti-transit "tips" were posted by people who work(ed) at new automobile dealerships."
    Steve ‘Pudgy’ De RoseSteve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose · Agosto 29, 2015
    Estación de tren
    · Chicago, Estados Unidos
    "(Sorry for all caps.) DON'T COME HERE! THE AAA OFFICE ISN'T HERE! IT'S @ 7065 Minstrel Way; Columbia, MD 21046"
    Steve ‘Pudgy’ De RoseSteve ‘Pudgy’ De Rose · Julio 25, 2015
    · Fulton, Estados Unidos