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Ross Webster-Salter

Ross Webster-Salter


British - Often abroad, probably drinking a coffee or something stronger somewhere

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Ross Webster-Salter
3 lugares actualizados Octubre 4, 2019
Fuchsia gives credit to places where recipes were taken from or she visits. Here’s a collection :)
Ross Webster-Salter
7 lugares actualizados Julio 22, 2019
Inspired by the article "A Bid to Maintain One of the World’s Oldest Culinary Traditions" https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/08/t-magazine/parsi-food.html List is collaborative, welcome to add more!
Ross Webster-Salter
35 lugares actualizados Abril 4, 2019
Collection of Singapore’s best and quirky places
Ross Webster-Salter
24 lugares actualizados Febrero 5, 2019
A collection of some of my favourite spots in HK
Ross Webster-Salter
100 lugares actualizados Julio 9, 2019
Taken from http://worlds50bestbars.com - Judged by nearly 500 industry insiders with a global outlook, by far my favourite ranking table. This list also includes the 50 runners up. Happy imbibing!
Ross Webster-Salter
6 lugares actualizados Julio 28, 2018
Restaurants featured in my favourite Italian cook book
    Tips recientes de Ross
    "Try a a glass of sour yogurt to be mixed with sev: skinny, crunchy strands of chickpea flour tossed with raisins and charoli, dusted in sugar and cardamom and given a flicker of rose water"
    Ross Webster-SalterRoss Webster-Salter · Julio 22, 2019
    · Udwada, India
    "Over a century old. Hour after hour, cooks turn a rubble of mawa (milk boiled down until the liquids evaporate) into tiny cakes bronzed and cracked at the top, disintegrating instantly in the mouth"
    Ross Webster-SalterRoss Webster-Salter · Julio 22, 2019
    · Mumbai, India
    "Breakfast menu contains Akuri a Parsi scramble of eggs and onions. The marble terrace overlooks a private golf course and membership has been closed since 1985. A friend will have to sneak you in."
    Ross Webster-SalterRoss Webster-Salter · Julio 22, 2019
    Campo de golf
    · Mumbai, India
    "To taste the slow cooked, densely spiced lentil, vegetable and meat dhansak is one of the city’s greatest pleasures, only on Wednesdays and with an invitation. Membership is granted only to Parsis"
    Ross Webster-SalterRoss Webster-Salter · Julio 22, 2019
    · Mumbai, India
    "Great rotating selection of wines, the “power lunch” on weekdays is a steal if your fortunate enough not to be working ;)"
    Ross Webster-SalterRoss Webster-Salter · Abril 12, 2019
    Europa Moderna
    · Pekín, China
    "Unlike any Japanese restaurant in town, Teng serves vegan sashimi. Try its 5 kinds platter where prawn, salmon, squid, scallop and tuna all made of konjac jelly but look exactly like the real thing."
    Ross Webster-SalterRoss Webster-Salter · Abril 4, 2019
    Vegetariana/Vegetariana estricta
    · Singapur