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Curtis Meyer

Curtis Meyer


Minneapolis, MN
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  • Saint Louis Park
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  • Minneapolis
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Saint Louis Park
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Golden Valley
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Brooklyn Center
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Curtis Meyer
7 lugares actualizados Febrero 4, 2013
7 lugares incluyendo Smack Shack, The Oceanaire Seafood Room, Sea Change, Salut Bar Americain
Curtis Meyer
4 lugares actualizados Marzo 11, 2014
4 lugares incluyendo The Herkimer Pub & Brewery, Davanni's Pizza and Hot Hoagies, 394 idiot line to 94, MoneyGram International
Curtis Meyer
16 lugares actualizados Octubre 26, 2012
16 lugares incluyendo Culver's, IHOP, House of Hui's, 50's Grill
Curtis Meyer
8 lugares actualizados Enero 28, 2013
8 lugares incluyendo Raku Sushi & Lounge, Little Szechuan, Teresa's Mexican Restaurant, Figlio
Curtis Meyer
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Curtis Meyer
28 lugares actualizados
28 lugares incluyendo Surly Brewing Co, West End Parking Ramp, Tuckers Bar & Grill @ Buck Hill, Cedar Trails West Townhomes
    "Whoops. I wore jeans. Against dress code, I guess. Isn't that some bullshit. My money is still good, though. And I'm a good tipper."
    Curtis MeyerCurtis Meyer · Julio 28, 2013
    · Mineápolis, Estados Unidos
    "No one at guest services? Just wait. And wait."
    Curtis MeyerCurtis Meyer · Julio 18, 2013
    · Brooklyn Center, Estados Unidos
    ""It says '10 items or less." Do you have more than ten? Yes? Oh, then you are in the wrong line" is what the cashier should say to people at this store."
    Curtis MeyerCurtis Meyer · Junio 26, 2013
    · Brooklyn Center, Estados Unidos
    "Yes! The hockey game is on."
    Curtis MeyerCurtis Meyer · Febrero 24, 2013
    · Saint Louis Park, Estados Unidos
    "If you get off work at 9 PM, don't call for carryout. They'll refuse the order. Even though they don't close until 9:30. Even if you call an hour ahead. Even if you only work a couple blocks away."
    Curtis MeyerCurtis Meyer · Noviembre 28, 2012
    · Brooklyn Center, Estados Unidos
    "Try the multi-currency settlement. It's superb."
    Curtis MeyerCurtis Meyer · Octubre 15, 2012
    · Brooklyn Center, Estados Unidos